Posted by: HamptonIona | April 15, 2009

Proposed OC Transpo Route Changes

OC Transpo is proposing a number of changes to local bus service (#15, #16 and #18) which would affect our neighbourhood.  Further details, including a map of the proposed changes and their rationale, as well as a feedback webpage, can be found on the OC Transpo website.  In summary:
Route 15 would be unchanged between downtown and Blair Station.

Route 16 would only run from downtown east to the Smyth Road hospitals.

Route 18 would operate between St. Laurent and Tunney’s Pasture Stations only.

Route 50 would be replaced by new local Route 150 and that Routes 51 and 55 be modified to end at Tunney’s Pasture Station where transfers could be made downtown via the Transitway.

It is also proposed that Route 51 be revised to travel from Maitland via Carling, Churchill and Scott to Tunney’s Pasture Station.

New route 150 would be introduced to serve the communities west of Tunney’s Pasture:
Route 150 would operate all day long, seven days a week through Britannia, to Lincoln Fields and Carlingwood, then via Saville Row, Dovercourt, Clare, Byron and Holland to Tunney’s Pasture Station. Riders travelling to downtown could at Lincoln Fields or Tunney’s Pasture Transitway Stations.

All Route 150 trips would operate on Poulin instead of Regina. Prior to 9 a.m., Route 150 trips would not enter Lincoln Fields shopping centre in order to reduce travel time.

Route 2 service west of Westboro Station would be increased to every ten minutes during rush hour and every 15 minutes mid-day. Passengers travelling from Richmond Road to downtown could transfer to Route 87 at Woodroffe, or to high frequency rapid transit service at Westboro Station.

Passengers travelling to Carlingwood would be able to transfer to Route 87 at Woodroffe Avenue.

Local service on Routes 151 and 156 would be unchanged.
For further details, including a map of the proposed changes and an opportunity to provide your views to OC Transpo, please see OC Transpo website:


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