Posted by: HamptonIona | August 14, 2009

NCC Dog Park & Convent News

It may be the dog days of summer, but there a number of things happening in Hampton Iona, including upcoming dog days. 

1) The National Capital Commission has decided to go ahead on a trial basis to establish an off-leash dog area in Hampton Park.  The open field area next to the Queensway will be designated as an off-leash area on a trial basis with no plans to fence in the areas.  The NCC is planning to allow dogs to go off-leash in this area by late-August/early-September.  The NCC, through Harris Decima Research, polled 400 households in April on their views of an off-leash dog area in Hampton Park.  The area polled was within the boundaries of Parkdale Avenue in the east, Denbury Ave in the west, Carling Avenue to the south and Scott Street to the north. There was 73% support for this proposal with dog owners being 88% in support and non-dog owners being 65% in support.  The NCC has decided to proceed on the basis of this survey.  The NCC, however, has decided that no further public consultation, including a public meeting is required to proceed.  If you have any questions or comments that you wish to provide to the NCC on this subject, please contact Elisabeth Lacoursière of the NCC at  613.239.5196 or or René Coignaud (e-mail address:; 613-239-5683).  An Harris Decima / NCC Presentation on the proposal can be viewed here.

2)  Les Sœurs de la Visitation have decided that their convent on Richmond Road is no longer required and they have put it up for sale.  Councillor Christine Leadman’s office is currently working with City Council and staff to have the site designated as a heritage building.  While the Community Design Plan (CDP) and Secondary Plan envisioned that this site would be eventually redeveloped, the intent of the CDP was that the historic buildings would remain on the site and become an integral part of any future potential development and that such development would conform with the nature of Richmond Road and the Secondary Plan.   It was also hoped that future development would include public space for the community.   If you have any questions on the heritage designation process, please contact Councillor Leadman’s office.  It will be important that the majority of Council support heritage designation if we are to maintain this building.  More information on the convent can be found here.



  1. we are asorry to have missed the meeting concerning proposals for the convent at the north end of Kensington ave., and concerned that nobody from our street was there. Somebody from Kensington will certianly be there at subsequent meetings, because there is strong feeling about the future of this property. Please keep me informed by email.

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