Posted by: HamptonIona | February 9, 2010

Ashcroft’s Slides from Feb 1st Convent Meeting

The slides from Ashcroft’s February 1st presentation to the community on the proposed development at the Sisters of the Visitation Convent site are now available here.  They include the broad development guidelines, and specifics on future meetings.

The HICG would love to hear your thoughts on this development.  Please use the comment button below, or email us at



  1. Just to clarify, about the convent being preserved as a historical/heritage building and landmark. To me it was not clearly spelled out in the presentation itself if the developer was thinking of taking it down — however I should have gone on in my comments to highlight the developer’s remarks at the meeting. They did state they intend to respect any heritage designation the city imposes on the site. They also said that although the frescoes, carved doors, statuary and religious objects are returning to France where the nuns’ order is based, the chapel’s floor, walls and vaulted ceiling would be retained.

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