Posted by: HamptonIona | April 29, 2010

Hampton Park Off-Leash Area – Request for Feedback

A message from the NCC:

After a three month trial between September and December 2009, the NCC would like to invite you to share your comments with the NCC on the off-leash area in Hampton Park. The NCC has been monitoring the site but would also like to hear your observations on topics such as the use of the parking lot, the use of the designated off-leash area and the impact this project has had on the rest of the park, if any. As a reminder, here are the evaluation criteria that were established with the community prior to the pilot project:

No conflict amongst users

Cleanliness of the site

No significant damage to the site

Respect of signage;

Dogs without leash contained within off-leash area

The NCC would very much like to hear your comments. Please, send an e-mail to before Friday May 14, 2010.  Please also feel free to copy HICG on your email (

Your comments will be taken into consideration prior to a final decision being made concerning the Hampton Park off-leash area. We will keep you informed of the final decision by early June.


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