Posted by: HamptonIona | June 7, 2010

Communities Meeting with Convent Design Panel

On June 11, Lorne Cutler of Hampton Iona Community Group and Roland Dorsey of the Island Park Community Association will be meeting with the Design Review Panel appointed to review the proposed development of the Soeur de la Visitation Convent site.  The committee will not be meeting with the general public, however, or any other community associations.  Hampton Iona, Island Park, West Wellington and Westboro community associations have met to discuss our views of the proposed development so that we can put forward a joint position that reflects the views of all of the neighbouring communities.   Lorne and Roland will be able to take in any messages from the Community and plan to provide hard copies to the Panel of all written submissions (to the City’s Planning Department) that we have been copied on regarding the development.  If you have any specific comments that you would like us to include in our submission, please copy them to either Community Association.

We have also included a link to a letter that Ashcroft had published in the Letters to the Editor section of the Ottawa Citizen on June 7, 2010 in which they claimed that there is widespread community support for their proposed development.  From the comments received by the community associations to date from immediate neighbours and the broader community, we were not aware of this “significant” level of support.  As indicated above, the four adjoining community associations continue to have major concerns as to whether this development meets either the intent or spirit of the Richmond Road Community Design Plan or the Council-adopted Secondary Plan.  We would thus welcome comments from the community on this letter.   Please email us at and let us know your views.


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