Posted by: HamptonIona | September 13, 2010

Petition Concerning The Convent

Councillor Leadman is currently circulating a petition regarding 114 Richmond Road.  The thrust of the petition is that the signees are in agreement with the Secondary Plan for Richmond Road and the Soeur de la Visitation site and that we expect Council to only approve what is in the actual plan, as opposed to what has been proposed by Ashcroft which greatly exceeds height and density requirements.  We are posting the petition on our website (click here) so that anyone who wants to circulate it amongst their neighbours can do so.  If you are planning to take a copy of the petition around, it would be appreciated if you could please first advise our community group as to what streets you are planning to canvass (please email Lorne Cutler at  In this way, we can advise you if someone else has already volunteered for that street, help coordinate your efforts, and avoid duplication.



  1. This strikes me as a smaller scale version of what’s happening at Lansdowne. Clearly City staff are operating on their own agenda, and there are too many hillbillies on Council who have no understanding of urban planning at all.

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