Posted by: HamptonIona | September 25, 2010

Community-Organized Convent Meeting

Hampton-Iona resident Sylvano Carrasco is organizing a community meeting on the Convent redevelopment this Sunday, Sep 26 at 6:30 at St George’s Church.  We have included his email below that contains details of the meeting, and would encourage all to attend.

Dear Neighbours,

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to speak on Tuesday.  I received many wonderful emails in the past 24 hours. I wanted to follow up my email below with more information.

I have booked St George’s Church for Sunday Sep 26th from 6:30 for a community meeting to discuss the Convent and the upcoming PEC Committee meeting.  If you would like to come out to talk about the Convent Zoning issues or would like to show your support for the community, please feel free.  Any speakers who plan to speak at the PEC meeting on Tuesday are welcome to come and share their thoughts.  I am happy to facilitate the meeting but this meeting is for you.
When: Sunday Sep 26th

Where: St. George’s Church (415 Piccadilly Ave.)
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

I am not sure whether everyone in the area gets this email so please circulate it to your neighboursand friends who might be interested.

We are still looking for more residents to sign up to speak.  Please register with the committee clerk at

Lastly I would like to try and get the message out to the broader community.  I have printed some flyers but I need help distributing them in the neighbourhood.

Can you spare 30 minutes on Saturday? Can you take a walk and drop some in the mailboxes of a couple of streets in the area?  If so, can you meet me at the parking lot of St George’s Church on Sat (Sep 25th) AM between 9am and 10:30am.  I will have flyers and a list of streets.  You can pick a couple of streets near you if possible.  St George’s in on Piccadilly Avenue (one street east ofIsland Park) near Byron.  I will be in a blue Jeep Cherokee.

Don’t forget to sign up to speak on Tuesday!

Sylvano Carrasco

Hello neighbours

I would like to make a plea to the community to come speak at the Planning Committee to voice their concerns about the proposed zoning of the Ashcroft Convent site.  I think the community was lulled to sleep by both a busy summer and the fact that Heritage designation was passed in April. This ensures no protection yet for that site and we must ensure that proper zoning is enforced and the Community Design Plan is respected.

Several hundred people have come to several public meetings to discuss the Ashcroft Convent site.  Many people have asked “What can I do?”.  You can come express your opinion directly to the Planning and Environment Committee on Tuesday Sep 28th.  Ashcroft has been manipulating the media to deliver the message that the community supports their plan.  Without a strong opposition, their zoning application may pass as councilors may believe what they read in the media.

I know it is very difficult for most working families to take a day or half a day off work but I feel this is an important issue not only for this community but it sets a dangerous precedent throughout the city as it goes against the Official Plan and Secondary Plans.

If you are nervous about speaking in public, I would be happy to assist you.  To that end, I would like to have a meeting on Sunday evening (Sep 26th) where we can share our thoughts and put together a speaking strategy in advance of Tuesday’s meeting.  Each speaker is only allowed 5 minutes.  There are lots of issues and concerns that the community has so we can organize these into 5 minute segments but we need more speakers.  I know that I could probably easily speak for 60 minutes on all the issues that I feel should be addressed.

As was mentioned, it is not good enough to feel that your community association will speak for you.  It is much more impactful for you to speak directly.  Speak up for your rights in this community.  While Christine has done a great job pushing forth the community’s concerns, we must now speak for ourselves.

If you are retired or have the ability to take some time off work, please sign up to speak.  Note that City Hall has Wifi access so you can bring your work with you.

What can you do?  Sign up!

Please email Caitlin Salter-MacDonald (Planning Committee coordinator) immediately and tell her that you would like to speak at the PEC meeting in Sep 28th. Her email

Contact me by email or 613-852-2540 and let me know that you plan to speak and would like to meet on Sunday. I will follow up with details

Sign the petition that Christine sent out last week and send it back to her or your community association

Sylvano Carrasco

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