Posted by: HamptonIona | September 27, 2010

Slides from Community Convent Meeting

HICG wishes to thank Sylvano Carrasco for putting together Sunday night’s meeting to discuss the PEC meeting on Sept. 28 and Councillor Leadman for attending.   Sylvano’s presentation and notes can be found here (PDF).  If people have questions or need help with their presentations they can contact either Lorne Cutler at 613 725-9147 or;  or Sylvano Carrasco at or cell: 613-852-2540.

Also, we wish to remind you that everyone is encouraged to speak at the Planning Committee meeting.  Anyone can sign up to speak, and this can be done on the day-of, for those unsure if they’re able to get time off work.  The meeting is scheduled to start this Tuesday 28 September at 9:30am in the Champlain Room at City Hall (110 Laurier Ave W).  Those wishing to speak, or wishing to register written comments (even a short email expressing your view helps), can contact Caitlin Salter-Macdonald at Note that if you are unable to speak at Tuesday’s meeting, but would be interested in speaking at any possible appeals further down the road, it is required that you submit written comments to Caitlin before Tuesday, as only those who have previously spoken or written about the issue may speak at the appeal.

Please note that if you are donating your time to another speaker (a few offered to lend time), please email us and let us know so we can gauge how long to talk.  Sylvano was looking for some additional time.  While we would like to have as many speakers as possible so that council knows that opposition is very wide spread, some speakers do need additional time to cover all the aspects of their presentations and can only go over 5 minutes if they have some time ceded to them by others.

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