Posted by: HamptonIona | October 1, 2010

A Message from HICG

On behalf of the Hampton Iona Community Group Board, I wish to thank the community for showing up in force at the Planning Committee Meeting earlier this week.  Over 40 people took their personal time to come to speak on Tuesday and even more wrote letters to the Planning Committee.  Almost 1000 people signed the petition and many people have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend the public meetings and gather signatures. We would like to specifically thank Amos Hayes who spent an entire weekend on the Byron Linear Park collecting signatures for the Councillor’s petition and Sylvano Carrasco for his tremendous organizing abilities in rallying the troups. Everyone working together has helped keep this issue viable.

In the event that Ashcroft was not just posturing at this week’s Planning Committee Meeting, they may come back to the table and seriously negotiate with the community. However we have to be prepared should this development go back to Planning Committee on November 16 in its current form.

Councillor Leadman has begun discussions with Planning Staff to establish the terms of reference for the proposed Section 37 discussions.  She will also be approaching Ashcroft to ascertain if they will reconsider their plans and meet with the community as envisioned under the provisions of Section 37.  We are awaiting word from the Councillor regarding the latest status of these activities. Following that we can plan accordingly.

The Hampton Iona Community Group greatly appreciates the outpouring of concern expressed by residents throughout Westboro regarding the redevelopment of 114 Richmond Road. We continue to encourage you to express your views through our website.  A comments box can be found at the bottom of the Convent page of the website.


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