Posted by: HamptonIona | October 7, 2010

Island Park / Iona Crossing

Ottawa City Council has passed a motion approving a “signalized pedestrian crossing” (i.e. traffic lights) at the intersection of Iona St and Island Park Drive. Discussions with the NCC and City staff are on-going to determine if the NCC will support the change notwithstanding the NCC’s concern that there is not enough pedestrian/bicycle traffic to meet federal standards for a traffic light. If you wish to see this proceed, the following actions are recommended:

1. Let Councillor Leadman know ( your views. She has led this initiative, including dealing with Marie Lemay at the NCC.

2. Let Marie Lemay know ( that you support the NCC’s efforts to promote cycling/walking as a means to a healthier community and that a signalized crossing at IPD/Iona would contribute greatly to that and to the school’s Safe-Routes-to-School initiative.



  1. I support this.

    It is true that there likely is not enough traffic on Iona to justify
    the light, but the explanation for that is simple: it’s simply
    impossible to cross by bicycle or by foot during “rush” hour.

    By bicycle, it’s not too hard to go up to Byron to cross at the light,
    and this is essentially what anyone who has tried more than twice to
    cross does.

    By foot, it can be a serious difficulty, enough that I suspect that many
    will, instead, get into their car, or in the case of students walking to
    Elmdale and FisherPark/Summit, the parents simply drive them.

    Iona is an important east/west for cyclists, particularly children just
    learning to ride. Byron is simply too busy: the intersection at
    Byron/Island Park has already failed, and is going to get worse if the
    Convent development goes ahead as proposed.

    Iona is also a very important access to the 417 pedestrian overpass.
    That route is our walking/cycling route from our house in Westboro to
    the Civic Hospital area where we access primary medical care (GP,
    dentist and unfortunately regular blood tests). I suspect that this
    crossing might also be important for access from Wellington West
    residents to Hampton Park.

    Iona is an important part of a vibrant cycling network.
    Should this intersection go ahead I would urge that during peak hours,
    that the light be on a regular cycle (synchronized with the other
    lights). Please do not depend upon one of the very brittle — and
    almost always broken every spring sensors in the road. They do not work
    well with bicycles, particularly children’s bicycles.

    The very intense single occupant traffic that is causing this problem,
    mostly with Quebec/Aylmer license plates that travels along Island Park
    should not exist.

    The fact that it does is a failure of the NCC to adequately plan
    sustainable options for interprovincial travel. It is unacceptable that
    both OC-transpo and STO continue to run empty buses in each of their
    ‘non-peak’ directions, and that there continues to be essentially no
    high capacity links between Aylmer and Kanata.

    I realize that the Interprovincial Transit Study is now underway, but
    this was supposed to have been started in 2003. The IONA/Island Park
    intersection is a victim of this failure and delay.

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