Posted by: HamptonIona | December 27, 2010

Convent Update – OMB Appeal

Further to the last update, the City has two major tasks before it. Firstly, the City must determine how much the land on the south side of the convent property is worth and reach agreement with Ashcroft on an acceptable price. Secondly, the City must determine how it will pay for the land. The land is expected to be acquired through a combination of statutory allocations for parkland that a developer must provide, use of the Cash-in-lieu of Park fund and other means for raising funds. The City has until March 31 to reach resolve these two tasks. Katherine Hobbs advises that they main focus of the City at this time is determining a value for the land. She will be focusing on different ways of potentially raising the funds. Options range from a levy on the entire ward or the more immediate community; a “lien” on future funds going into the Cash-in-Lieu of Park fund; allocation of the development charges on the site and Tax Incremental Financing (a method of financing the City proposed to use to pay for the new stadium at Lansdowne based on the new taxes that would be generated specifically from the site. As the Convent never paid taxes in the past, all taxes to be generated from the Ashcroft development are incremental).

At this time, we don’t know how much of the desired land the City will be able to obtain for parkland or how Ashcroft might modify its development plans if any of the land is obtained by the City. In theory, Ashcroft to build its proposed building (where they are proposed to be built) and the land that it maintains on the south side of the convent. Therefore the amount of building ultimately allowed will depend on the amount of land that the City can ultimately obtain. The more the City can acquire, the less development that Ashcroft Homes can build.

The deadline for OMB challenges against what the City decided in last November is December 29. The challenge must be filed at Ottawa City Hall and the cost is $125. The Hampton Iona Community Group will be filing an appeal to the OMB over the proposed development. While it is uncertain at this time as to what Ashcroft Homes will be able to build on the site (given the City’s stated desire to acquire a significant portion of the property) and what we might be ultimately appealing, the Community Group has decided to file an appeal as we would lose this right after December 29.



  1. Hi. Good luck with the OMB appeal, I sincerely hope you win, but I’m worried given the record of the OMB giving developers what they want despite what the city or community may want. That said, as part of your ongoing efforts, I think there is an excellent opportunity with an upcoming provincial election to put as much pressure on Dalton McGuinty, being a local MPP (and of course Yasir Naqvi) to make them ultimately accountable for the actions of the OMB. So each time any problems with the OMB and planning process is mentioned, be sure to state that Dalton McGuinty is ultimately the one in charge of it all and is in the position to act on it. Maybe, just maybe, with a tough election ahead we can get some meaningful reform in place. Good luck!

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