Posted by: HamptonIona | May 20, 2011

Byron Park Access Road Cancelled for May 24 Planning Committee Meeting

The Hampton Iona Community Group had written to Councillor Hume the morning of Friday May 20 requesting that the motion to re-examine an access road from the Ashcroft site through the Byron Linear Park be postponed from the May 24 Planning Committee meeting for a variety of reasons.  These reasons included: inconsistant consultation with the public; mixed messages as to whether this item was on the agenda or not; a poorly researched paper from the Planning Department of which neither the broader community nor the City’s own Parks and Recreation Department was consulted; and the impact that hearing the issue at this time would have on the OMB mediation and hearing process.  Councillor Hume has advised us that the question of an access road through the Byron Linear Park is being removed from next week’s Planning Committee schedule and will not be re-introduced.  Please find attached the note we received from Councillor Hume.  While we were not advised of the reasons for the withdrawal of the motion and the role that we played, we are very pleased with the outcome.     

Dear Mr. Cutler,
I can confirm that, at the request of Councillor Hobbs, this item – vehicular access through the Byron avenue Linear Park to the proposed development at 90 Richmond Road, 114 Richmond Road and 380 leighton terrace – has been withdrawn. The November 2010 Council approved direction “ That access for development not be permitted across the Byron Linear Strip and adjacent Parkland” is in full force and effect. There are no plans for the Planning Committee to consider this report at some future date. The matter is now considered closed and as stated earlier the November 2010 Council direction is and remains in full force and effect. Southern access to the proposed development, whether by Shannon Street or some other access, will be determined at a later date but access will not be via the Byron Linear Strip as directed by Council.
I trust this is the information you require.
Peter Hume
Planning Committee.


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