Posted by: HamptonIona | May 20, 2011

Lawn Sign Campaign on May 21st Street Party and Rally

As you aware from previous emails, we are now fund raising for the upcoming OMB hearing.  The residents of Shannon Avenue are supportive of our OMB challenge and have joined us in fundraising.  In this regard, they have initiated a lawn sign campaign.   Here is a note from the residents of Shannon Street regarding their lawn sign campaign and their rally/street party planned for Saturday May 21st.
About The Westboro Sign Campaign
Recently we had a community meeting at Hilson School regarding fund raising for the OMB case against the proposed development by Ashcroft Homes at 114 Richmond Road (Convent Site).
As it turns out, we agree on a lot of things – and the time has come for us to say so.
The appellants need your help. This simple sign campaign has been created to:
1)      show our united support for the community side of the OMB case
2)      raise money to support the OMB appellants (Representing Westboro and Iona)
How it works:
1.      Make a donation to the appellants by sending an email to

2.      Donations can be any amount over $20.  Cheques should be made out to Hampton Iona Community Group.  All funds go to legal costs for the OMB case.

3.      Tell us which sign you want on your lawn.
Your Sign Options:
*You may also request your own message on your sign. We ask that you focus on common issues such as height, density, the design plans and points we all agree on collectively.
Send us your address and donation amount in the email. You’ll get your sign in 48 hours.
Cheques should be made payable to Hampton Iona Community Group.
We need to get at least 500 signs posted. Please help us today. Please forward.
Join us on Facebook.
Westboro Sign Rally

The residents of Shannon St. would like to invite the community to a sign rally on Saturday the 21st of May. The rally will go from 11am to 5pm. At this time, Shannon St. will be open to foot traffic and this exciting community event. We will have music, good times, and the residents of Shannon will be out on their lawns to meet the community. The sign campaign coordinators will be taking orders for new signs along with donations to support our cause.


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