Posted by: HamptonIona | June 14, 2011

Byron Path Parade and Fundraiser – June 18th at 10am

Hampton Iona resident Anita Grace has organized a parade this weekend along Byron Avenue.  She sends us this:

An all ages friendly parade will take place next Saturday, June 18th starting at 10am.
Meet at the Byron Linear Tramway Park (just east of Island Park on the pathway) at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is encouraged to bring instruments and noise makers – the more the better. I encourage you to wear something silly and/or colourful too. It is a parade after all. 🙂

Participants will walk/roll along Byron Pathway, celebrating the pathway our community has been fighting for, then cross at Hilson, and head to Iona Park where there will a bubble party! I have no idea what a bubble party is, but it sounds exciting!
There will be coffee and lemonade as well as a bake sale at Iona. Proceeds will go to the OMB appeal for the Convent Site.

Please contact for details/questions.


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