Posted by: HamptonIona | October 4, 2011

Local candidates address community issues in response to FCA election survey

The Federation of Citizens Associations, of which Hampton Iona has been a member for many years, has conducted a survey of all candidates in the Ottawa region from the four main political parties.  Ottawa Centre was the only riding to get a complete response from all four candidates.  The FCA has issued the following press release and we encourage you to visit the FCA website ( to read the full responses of the Ottawa Centre candidates. 

Local candidates address community issues in response to FCA election survey
Ottawa, Oct 4 – In preparation for Thursday’s provincial election, Community Associations throughout Greater Ottawa worked collaboratively with the Federation of Citizens’ Associations (FCA) to create a candidate survey on local, community based issues. The survey questions, which were sent to 32 candidates running for the four major parties in eight Ottawa area ridings, were chosen because of their relevance to the work community volunteers perform at the neighbourhood level.
"We received good responses to our survey from many candidates across the City, but unfortunately, many others did not bother to answer any questions on these important municipal issues," said Graeme Roderick, President of the Federation of Citizens’ Associations.
Ottawa Centre was the sole riding from which all four candidates provided responses. In all, seven Liberal, five Green, one NDP and one Progressive Conservative candidate responded—a total of 14 candidates completed the survey.
"If responding to the survey is an indication of the level of  interest candidates have in the issues raised, then it’s clear that many of them are not taking community issues seriously in this campaign," Roderick said.
"We would like to thank all the candidates who participated in our survey to inform voters about municipal issues, but we are disappointed more candidates did not take the time to respond to our survey. These are issues all parties claim to be concerned with. They should respond.”
All candidate responses to the FCA’s survey can be viewed on the FCA’s web-site at
The Federation of Citizens’ Associations (FCA) is a city wide association and forum for community associations and citizens’ groups in Ottawa. The FCA  is comprised of urban, suburban and rural community associations from across the amalgamated City. Members share information about issues facing their communities and take joint action on city-wide issues.


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