Posted by: HamptonIona | November 21, 2011

Digital Billboard Study

The City of Ottawa has opened a questionnaire regarding a proposal from commercial advertisers to install illuminated digital billboards in Ottawa. A pilot billboard has been installed at the fire-station at Carling and Kirkwood for some time. From the City of Ottawa billboard page:

The sign industry has asked the City to consider permitting the use of digital technology for signs, including billboards. Digital signs use electronic screens to display programmed text, images, or potentially videos, such as advertisements or public notices. This new technology is proposed to replace some traditional signs and billboards that use internally illuminated plastic panels, externally illuminated paper poster images or three-faced rotating panels. Council wants to know what you think before deciding if it should change the existing municipal by-law to allow this new technology.

To have your comments included in the staff report that will be presented to committee and City Council, please take a few minutes to complete this brief questionnaire any time between November 1 and 30. For additional background information on the proposal please visit the Digital Billboards Study page.


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