Posted by: HamptonIona | January 4, 2012

Public Meeting on development proposal for 175 Richmond Rd @ Kirkwood

As many of you are aware Claridge Homes has purchased the property at 175 Richmond Road (at Kirkwood, northwest corner). They are proposing to build a 9 story mixed use building along Richmond Road which will step down to 6 stories along Kirkwood Avenue and 4 stories along Wilber Avenue. The proposed building would have 241 residential units and approximately 675 m2 of retail commercial space along Richmond Road.

Councillor Hobbs, in conjunction with the developer, will be holding a public meeting on January 11th at Hilson Public School from 6:30 to 8:30 to discuss the proposal.  Details of the meeting can be found on the Councillor’s website:

Details of the application can be found at:

The City is looking for comments on the development.  For those of you who had received notices from the City in December, you would have been advised that comments were due by January 13, 2012.   Hampton Iona and Westboro community associations requested to the developer that they hold a public meeting and that comments should not be due to the City until after the meeting has been held.  I am pleased to say that the developer advises that comments are now due after their public meeting on January 20, 2012.

For your information, the Secondary Plan ( provides the following direction for the site in question:

  • Encourage the evolution of the East Village to a more traditional mainstreet character as an extension to Westboro Village and a link to the West Wellington traditional mainstreet east of Island Park Drive, recognizing the varying character of the existing buildings and lot and block sizes;
  • Maintain maximum building heights at a maximum four storeys where lots are less than 45 metres in depth and back onto low-rise residential areas, and generally up to six storeys on lots of greater depth;
  • In considering any redevelopment of the Canadian Banknote Company site, encourage the reuse of all or part of the landmark building and retention of the front yard open space where possible, including a public square as a community gathering place;
  • Consider rezoning the Canadian Banknote Company site and adjacent 175 Richmond Road to TM-Traditional Mainstreet for mixed-use development should redevelopment be proposed. Given the lot sizes, higher building heights may be possible, provided that redevelopment is compatible with, and provides an appropriate transition to, the adjacent low-rise residential neighbourhood, and that as much of the existing green space along Richmond Road as possible is incorporated into the redevelopment;

The planner handling the file is Melanie Knight (613-580-2424 ext. 28439, email:


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