Posted by: HamptonIona | February 24, 2012

CANCELLED Winter Carnival

Due to the uncertainty of the weather this week, with numerous predictions of warm weather and rain, coupled with the City notifying us last week that the community rinks were to be officially closed (given the warm weather impacting on ice safety), we have decided to not go ahead with the Winter Carnival this Sunday.  Unfortunately, we would have had to have made numerous commitments earlier to the week to arrange for food, entertainment, music, etc.  and we were not sure if it was appropriate to make such commitments when it appeared that there was a reasonable chance that the ice would not be useable by the weekend.   Instead of a winter carnival, we hope to plan a community event later in the Spring.

Notwithstanding the winter carnival being cancelled this year, Hampton Iona Community Group is still planning to maintain the rink as best we can, including continued floodings.  Until, however, the City advises us that we can officially re-open, we will not be opening the trailer or having supervision.  Skating will be at one`s own risk.


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