Posted by: HamptonIona | April 27, 2012

Planning Summit Outcomes

There were a number of interesting developments at the Mayor’s Summit on Planning.  Both the Mayor and Peter Hume reiterated that the planning process in Ottawa was broken and that there was a need for a major overhaul to insure that there was greater certainty, transparency and predictability in how planning and development would occur in the City.  There was a need by both communities and developers to have an improved process in Ottawa.  The Mayor stated that the planning summit was just the beginning of the process.  The Mayor said that the City is going to be proceeding with a number of key initiatives at this time;

  • to develop a review of very tall buildings in the City, including where they should be located and the criteria for their approval;
  • the development of a SWAT team to deal with the public on major developments; and
  • a review and fast tracking of key Community Design Plans and Secondary Plans so that they can be completed within one year of start.

The City also plans to review some key Secondary Plans that are perceived to have problems.  This has great significance for Hampton Iona as the Westboro/Richmond Road CDP was cited as one of the Secondary Plans that will be reviewed and modified.

It was not clear, however, as to the exact timeframe for this review or whether the intent of updating the Westboro/Richmond Road CDP and Secondary Plans was to fix the problems that have become apparent and tighten the zoning or merely to clarify the wording so we will know better as what to expect.  As many of your remember, major issues arose during the Soeur de la Visitation convent development approval process such as what 4 to 6 stories meant, or what “south” of the convent building meant.  It is not clear as to whether the CDP fix being proposed by the City is to provide us with greater clarity as to when 4 to 6 stories can really mean 9 stories or to make sure that 4 to 6 stories really means 4 to 6 stories.

As more information comes out of City Hall as to the proposed process and intent of the CDP review, we will continue to update the website to keep the community advised.


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