Posted by: HamptonIona | May 28, 2012

Construction Update: Les Soeurs de la Visitation

Further to our earlier update on the potential construction access to the southern side of the Soeur de la Visitation site, many of you may have noticed that there was a marking for a gate facing the Byron Linear Park and for a second gate onto Shannon Street. For the past few weeks, the Community Group has been trying to get clarification from the City as to what exactly Ashcroft was applying for and what was the City’s position with respect to construction access to the site. Questions in this regard were raised with City Staff. As well, HICG provided City Staff with the earlier memo from the Parks Department in which they opposed a cut-through road the Byron Linear Park as many of those involved in the construction road approval process were not aware of the history of the project nor the position of the City’s own Parks Department. Unfortunately, no one on City Staff was able to clearly answer the question as approval appears to is across several departments.

We have finally received clarification from Peter Hume, who has advised us that Ashcroft has only applied to access through Shannon Street. Councillor Hume, in fact came to the neighbourhood to check out the situation for which we thank him. There has been no request for a construction road through the park, notwithstanding the presence of a sign for a gate. The City has always maintained that while Shannon Street was not the desirable access road to the southern end of the site, as an abutting property, Ashcroft had the right to use Shannon Street.

Currently the City is reviewing the requirements and impacts of Shannon Street being used for construction access to the site. If for some reason, Shannon cannot be approved by the City, Ashcroft may still choose to file a request to go through the Park.

We have gone back to Councillor Hume to confirm whether or not Shannon Street would have to be modified at this time to accommodate Ashcroft’s request. As many of you are aware, both Kensington Avenue and Tweedsmuir Avenue have been rebuilt within the past few years. In both cases, the City and the Councillor worked very closely with the affected residents and the wider community to make sure that the impact of the road rebuilding was minimal. We are hopeful that in this case if Shannon has to be modified that the City will choose to work closely with area residents to insure that impacts on Shannon Street and the Byron Linear Park are minimized.

The development of this site will have a major impact on our community and it is important that the City work closely with the community to make sure that impacts are minimized and benefits maximized. We should continue to let your elected officials know that the community wants to continue to be involved in this project.



  1. Having witnessed a collision between a bike and a car at Granville and Byron last week in which fortunately there appeared to be no injuries, I sure hope that we have no exit through the Byron Park from the condo site. I have seen the dangers of this type of intersection for over thirty years and am glad that as far as I know there have been no serious injuries. However, the bike and car connected loudly, bike thrown to ground, both car and bicyclist spent some time checking things out and then they parted ways. I was a few houses away and heard the accident but did not see it as it happened. My presentation at Planning Committee concerned the dangers of any roadway through the Byron Park for this reason. Shannon has been a quiet street and has a different configuration than this type of intersection, and I think it is quite a conundrum about this condo not having appropriate exits possible before it was approved as it is.

  2. While I agree that an additional road through the Byron pathway will make things less safe than they currently are, I am certain that the use of Shannon Street would be even worse. Leaving the pathway sandwiched between cars turning from 2 relatively busy streets would be terribly unsafe. Drivers have a far more difficult time seeing bikes and pedestrians approaching from behind than they do with bikes coming from the sides.

    This is exactly why the traffic engineers who studied the site were very clear in saying that the use of Shannon Street would be completely inappropriate.

  3. I agree with Grant’s post.

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