Posted by: HamptonIona | August 24, 2012

Byron path driveway withdrawn. More height still on the table.

Hampton Iona Community Group received the following note from Councillor’s Hobbs office.

While we are pleased to see that Ashcroft has dropped their request to build a road through the Byron Linear Park, in their recently submitted application to the Planning Department, Ashcroft indicated that if they did not get a road through the Byron Linear Park and had to use Shannon as their southerly exit, that they would be requesting an increase in height of their southerly most building from 4 stories to 5 stories.

At this time, we do not know if they are still requesting an increase in height to this building.   Under the Minutes of Settlement of last year, they agreed to only request an increase in height to the southerly building if they were to lower the height of the condo south of the Convent from 9 stories to 7 stories.   Their recent application is silent on this.  HICG is pursuing this with the City and with Ashcroft.

Ashcroft’s most recent application for a road through the Byron Linear Park can be found at

Press Release from Councillor Hobbs’ Office:

Ottawa, August 24, 2012 – Following a clear message from neighbours of the former Soeurs de la Visitation convent on Richmond Road, Councillor Hobbs has requested, and Ashcroft Homes has agreed not to pursue a southern access across the Byron Linear Park.

“I am pleased that Ashcroft has agreed to stick to the plan adopted by Council in November 2010 and not cut across the Byron Linear Park. The neighbours of the site made it clear that they did not want another cut across this park,” said Hobbs. “When Ashcroft first told me they were going to file this application, my answer was clear: I would not support it. Following my announcement on Twitter to this effect, the response from the community has been substantial, and overwhelmingly opposed to such an exit.”

“Ashcroft Homes believes in this project and wants to be a good neighbour. While we believed the Byron access was the best one, our neighbours have been clear, and we’ve listened,” said David Choo, President of Ashcroft Homes. “We look forward to moving forward to build a great addition to Westboro.”

The removal of the Byron option for the southern exit once and for all means there will be a southern access via Shannon Street, currently a quiet one lane street with just four homes.

“My focus is to ensure that we get a quality street and to minimize the impact – spatially and visually for Shannon Street residents,” said Hobbs. “This is a lovely corner of Kitchissippi and I want to ensure it won’t be lost.”

“Ashcroft is committed to work with their neighbours and Councillor Hobbs to achieve a sensitive and beautiful new Shannon Street,” said Choo.


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