Posted by: HamptonIona | September 21, 2012

Convent Update

It was reported earlier this month in the press that Ashcroft had dropped their request to build an access road through the Byron Linear Park and would instead go through Shannon Street for their southerly access to the Convent site. Ashcroft′s Zoning Amendment Application to the Planning Department indicated that if they had to go through Shannon Street, Ashcroft would be requesting that the southerly building on their site be increased in height from four stories to five stories. For the past several weeks HICG had been trying to determine with the City whether Ashcroft had dropped this request as well, particularly as comments from the public were due to Doug James of the Planning Department by Sept. 19. While we had been advised by both Doug James and Councillor Hobbs that Ashcroft was probably not going to proceed with this request for a height increase, we had received no such word from Ashcroft or their Planners. As well the City could not confirm that they had actually received a formal notice from Ashcroft that their request was being officially withdrawn.

HICG received an email today from Paul Rothwell of Ashcroft which states that Ashcroft has withdrawn their Zoning Amendment Application and will not be requesting an increase to five floors of any portion of their five storey building nor access through the Byron Linear Park. They will be proceeding to use Shannon Street as their access route. They will be submitting a request for some other minor variances but the key requests are formally withdrawn. Councillor Hobbs ′ office has also recently advised HICG that they would be working with the City and Ashcroft to try to minimize the impact of linking the development to Shannon Street on the residents of that street and on the Byron Linear Park.


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