Posted by: HamptonIona | March 26, 2013

Proposed Development at Dawson & Bryon

The Hampton Iona Community Group recently received notice of a request going forward to the Committee of Adjustment (CoF) on April 3 at 1:00 pm for 343 Dawson Avenue (File # D08-01-13/B-00068 & D08-01-13/B-00069).   The notice from the CoF can be found in the attachment: 434 Dawson Ave CoF Application – March 2013

The property currently has a single family home facing Dawson Avenue.   The applicants (441916 Canada Corp & 1562064 Ontario Ltd.) are proposing to severe the lot at the corner of Dawson Avenue and Byron Avenue into two properties.  The property along Dawson would contain the existing house and the property would have an area of 295.5 m2.  Should the severance occur, the new frontage for the existing house would be along Byron.  The proposed new property along Byron would be 286.4 m2 in size and a new house would be built on that property.  The two houses would be joined at the garage and would meet the current zoning that allows semi-detached houses at that location.

Should the severance occur, the following variances are then being requested.

Aspect Requested Variance Bylaw Requirement
Property One – 434 Dawson Avenue
Front Yard Setback 4.94 metres 6 metres
Rear Yard Setback 2.105 metres 4.87 metres
Rear Yard Lot Area 16.93 m2 (5.07% of lot  area) 73.88 m2 (25% of lot area)
Property Two 340 Byron
Front Yard Setback 4.54 metres 6.0 metres

The developer has noted that in the case of 343 Dawson, Bryon Avenue is deemed to be the frontage for the property.  Thusly, what was once the side yard of the original house is now the rear yard of the original house resulting in the side yard not meeting the size requirements of a rear yard.  That being said, the currently existing rear yard is severed from the property to allow for the new dwelling.   As such, HICG notes that “new rear yard” of the house appears to be only 8m x 1.25 m or 10 m2 which is only 3.3% of the property.  Hence the existing property will have virtually no yard space either at the rear or the west side, except for the City right-of-ways along Byron and Dawson.

The property at 340 Byron Avenue while generally conforming with the City’s guidelines for residential infill does not meet the requirement of Section 4.1.5 of matching a uniform setback along the street.  The street currently has a uniform setback of 6 metres whereas the developer is asking for a setback of 4.54 meters.

The community group welcomes comments from the neighbourhood, particularly the immediate neighbours to better understand the community’s position on this request.

If you wish to appear at the Committee of Adjustment, you can sign up at the hearing.  Written comments to the Committee can be submitted to to Committee of Adjustment, 101 Centrepoint Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 5K7


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