Posted by: HamptonIona | September 8, 2013

Hilson-Byron Crossing

Hampton Iona Community Group has been approached by a group of concerned
citizens regarding the safety situation for children crossing at Hilson and
Byron going to Hilson Public School.  They are circulating a petition asking
the city to implement some sort of traffic calming at this intersection.

> ++++++++++++++++
> Dear Neighbours,
> We need your support in the form of adding your voice to this petition
> to make school route safe for children who go to Hilson Ave PS.  The
> purpose of the petition is to hopefully get Councillor Katherine Hobbs
> to place the Hilson-Byron crossing on her ward priority list for
> traffic calming measures to be installed.  At the very least, stop
> signs, speed bumps, and/or crossing guard are needed.  Once the Councillor backs
> up our request, the City will have to take action.  This is why we
> need as many voices added to the petition as we can.  The City will
> only move on this once the Ward Councillor has pushed the issue to the fore.
> Please distribute the link below widely, including other social media means.
> Non-parents are welcome to sign.
> Thank you for your support, and have a safe walk safe school!
> Ahmad Lutfi
> 116 Buell St
> ++++++++++++++++++

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