Posted by: HamptonIona | September 10, 2013

579 Kirkwood Ave

HICG has been advised of the following application that is going to the Committee of Adjustment on September 18, 2013.

This proposal is in respect of 579 Kirkwood Avenue.  The current zoning is R4N (low rise apartment , up to 8 units).   The owners (Matt Viau & Juliana Richards) want to convert the existing duplex into a triplex and have already constructed a third floor addition which does not conform to the zoning bylaw.

The owner is seeking approval for the following variances:

1.       To permit a reduced lot width of 12.83 metres whereas the By-law requires a minimum lot width of 15.0 metres (14.5% reduction).

2.       To permit a reduced lot area of 279 square metres, whereas the By-law requires a minimum lot area of 450 square metres (38% reduction).

3.       To permit an increase in building heights to 9.48 metres whereas the By-law permits a maximum height of 8 meters (18.%% increase).

Please find the application attached.

Once again, please note that the applicant is seeking these approvals after already making the modifications to their dwelling.

579 Kirkwood Avenue CoA Sept 18, 2013


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