Posted by: HamptonIona | September 25, 2013

433 Dawson Avenue – Committee of Adjustments

HICG has been advised of the following application that is going to the Committee of Adjustment on October 2, 2013.

This proposal is in respect of 433 Dawson, at the corner of Dawson Avenue & Byron Avenue.  This property previously went to the Committee of Adjustment in early September.  At that time, the applicants (Jaeme & Inez Gloyn and John & Susan Edwards) were seeking to severe the property to allow for two semi-detached dwellings.  A second unit had already been built onto an existing single family home but rather than severing the property before construction and seek the required variances, as it normally the case, the applicants had applied for a building permit stating that they were building an extension to an existing dwelling and proceeded to build the second unit on that basis.  The City requested an adjournment to allow the City to verify whether the new unit met the requirements of the City zoning bylaw.  The application was deferred to allow the applicant to apply for a minor variance.  The new hearing will take place on October 2, 2013.

The already constructed semis did not meet the existing zoning.  The attached document outlines the variances being requested.

The following variances are being requested:

1)      To permit a reduced rear yard setback of 5.85 metres, whereas the By-law states that that the setback should be 6.0 metres

2)      To permit a garage door to be greater than 50% of the width of the front elevation whereas the By-law states that in the case of a semi-detached dwelling, the width of the attached garage must be no greater than 50% of the width of the front elevation.

3)      To permit a garage door for the new unit to be in line with the front wall of the dwelling whereas the bylaw states that on lots of with a width of less than 7.6 metres, the garage must be set further from teh front lot line than the front wall of the associated dwelling.

4)      To permit a maximum front yard setback of 6.17 metres for the first storey of the front wall of the new unit (facing Byron Avenue) whereas the By-law permits a maximum front yard setback of 6.0 metres.

Once again, please note that the applicant is seeking these approvals after already making the modifications to their dwelling.  As well, had the original building permit been filed for a two-semi detached, these variance approvals would have been required prior to construction.  If the construction had actually been to enlarge the existing single family house, these variances would not have been required.  If you have any comments, please notify the Committee of Adjustment prior toOctober 2 at 101 Centrepoint Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 5K7 or at

433 Dawson – Committee of Adjustment Sept 2013


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