Posted by: HamptonIona | October 7, 2013

236 Richmond Road – Comment period

As we have previously reported, the City is looking for our comments regarding the proposed development at 236 Richmond Road. The application submitted by the developer can be found at (or search the city’s own website at The developer has requested a rezoning for 9 stories, when the Secondary Plan for the area allows for a height of four to six stories.

Comments should be submitted to Doug James at  You may wish to copy Councillor Hobbs at so that our councillor knows how you feel about this development.

The Hampton Iona Community Group has hired an urban planner, Dennis Jacobs of Momentum Planning and Communications to review the project and provide us with his professional opinion on this development.   Based on his review of the Westboro/Richmond Road Secondary Plan, Jacobs has noted several reasons for why this development does not conform with our Secondary Plan and why the development should not be approved.  Dennis Jacobs was the professional planner hired by the community for the OMB challenge for 335 Roosevelt Avenue.

If you wish to submit comments, Doug James has indicated that he will be accepting comments until just after Thanksgiving.


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