Posted by: HamptonIona | October 11, 2013

236 Richmond Road – Submitted comments

The City is currently seeking comments from  the public regarding the proposed rezoning of 236 Richmond Road.  Doug James, the City Planner in charge of the file had previously indicated that they were accepting comments until after Thanksgiving.  If you have not submitted comments yet, you still have time.

Hampton Iona Community Group has now submitted their position on this development.  Basically, we are not in favour of the proposed rezoning and do not see that the applicant has made a sufficient case to justify the significant increase in height and density that they are asking for in this location.  We have hired a professional planner, Dennis Jacobs of Momentum Planning and Communications, to provide us with his opinion on the requested rezoning.  Dennis Jacobs is the planner who represented local residents on the 335 Roosevelt Avenue challenge at the OMB (and who won).    As the community is aware, we had previously raised money for our OMB challenge regarding the Convent development.  As we did not need to use the money at the time, we agreed to use those funds for ongoing land use planning issues and challenges.   It was from these funds that we were able to pay for Dennis Jacobs’ services.

Please find attached a copy of our submission.  This was sent to Doug James (douglas.james@ottawa,ca), Katherine Hobbs ( and Peter Hume (  Dennis’s opinion and review is included as Appendix One to our submission.  We did not quote from Jacob’s paper extensively in our submission but did note that his opinion formed an integral part of our position, that we were in agreement with his comments and that his comments formed a key part of our submission..

If you have any questions on our submission, please let us know.  If you wish to share any submissions that you have made, please feel free to do so.

236 Richmond Road – HICG Letter – Oct 2013


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