Posted by: HamptonIona | December 17, 2013

Rink Building Party – This Thursday

Winter is now upon us and it is time to start getting our rink in Iona Park built.  As you may know from previous years, we build the rink using community volunteers.  Once the rink is built, we use paid attendants to supervise use of the rink.

The first phase of building the rink is to build the base.  Please join your friends and neighbours this Thursday evening (Dec. 19) at 7:00 pm to begin trampling down the snow so that we can start flooding the rink later this weekend.   We need as many people as possible to trample the snow.  Bring your sleds, skis and snowshoes (snowshoes are especially effective) to help trample down the snow for our base.   We will have a few pairs of snowshoes donated by Mountain Equipment Co-op to use.

The more people that help out trampling down the base and building the rink over the next couple of weeks, the sooner the rink can be up and running.   As well, if you would like to volunteer to help build the rink, please contact Lorne Cutler at, through the website or at 613 725-9147.



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