Posted by: HamptonIona | December 18, 2013

Pending approval of 236 Richmond Road

The Hampton Iona Community Group and our professional planner, Dennis Jacobs, spoke at the city’s planning committee meeting on Tuesday, December 10th to oppose the proposed development at 236 Richmond Road. The zoning for this site was listed in the Westboro Secondary Plan as 4 stories but the planning committee chose to approve a height of 9 stories. Our Planner has noted, that based on a recent OMB decision for 335 Roosevelt Avenue, the Planning Committee and Council should never have considered approving this development without an Official Plan amendment.

The basis for approving 9 stories was that the language of the secondary plan allowed exceptions for developments that exist on a corner or are within 600 meters of a transit station. Since this site had the lowest zoning height on Richmond Road and these same rationale criteria apply to virtually every property along Richmond Road regardless of the location, size or depth of the property, we feel that if city council approves the committee’s recommendation then every property on Richmond Road will have a de facto zoning of 9 stories or perhaps even higher if requested by a developer.

An article by Joanne Chianello about this situation and how it compares with another development that actually has community support was in the December 17th edition of the Ottawa Citizen.

We would like to urge every resident of our neighbourhood to let our councillor and city council know how you feel about planning decisions that ignore the wishes of those most affected and the intent of the Council-approved Secondary Plan for Westboro/Richmond Road.

Contact info for all city council members can be found on the city’s website. A list that can be copied & pasted is also provided here with the mayor and our own councillor at the beginning of the list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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