Posted by: HamptonIona | April 9, 2014

Town hall meeting April 9th, 7pm regarding postal home delivery

HICG has received this message regarding a public meeting organized by a group called Solidarity Against Austerity.  The group has organized a town hall meeting to discuss the proposed termination of postal home delivery.


Hello to Kitchissippi Community group friends,

I am contacting you all, quite belatedly, to let you know about an open 7pm Town Hall meeting scheduled to take place tonight at the Hintonburg Community Centre.  The meeting, organized by Kitchissippi residents involved in a group called Solidarity Against Austerity, will feature a panel discussion about the proposed termination of postal home delivery announced by Canada Post Corporation in December.  The organizing group is strongly opposed to this proposal.  

Canada Post announced on December 11 that all door-to-door delivery would be terminated across Canada, something that no country has ever done.  Their plan begins as early as this fall in Kanata. Will Kitchissippi be next?

This is an issue that Kitchissippi / Ward 15 residents care deeply about.  All residents, but especially seniors and persons with disabilities, depend on and benefit from home mail delivery.  A growing number of mayors, city councils, and other elected leaders are expressing their opposition to Canada Post’s announcement.

Please come out to attend this open, Town Hall meeting to discuss what is happening, how our municipal and other elected representatives have responded, and what we might do in the coming months to defend OUR home delivery.

Speakers at the event will include:

NICK APLIN (81-year-old Kitchissippi senior & activist)
SHELLIE BIRD (Kitchissippi resident with Solidarity Against Austerity)


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