Posted by: HamptonIona | December 16, 2014

Clare/Hilson Development message from Councillor Leiper

As you may be aware, a developer is currently seeking a rezoning to build 7 townhouses and two semi-detached houses at the corner of Clare and Hilson. The current zoning would allow for 6 semi-detached units. Councillor Jeff Leiper is seeking feedback on this proposed development. The Hampton Iona Community Group had previously submitted its comments on this development. Councillor Leiper has recently written the following letter. He delivered it to the adjoining residents and has posted it on his website. If you have not had a chance yet to provide the Councillor with your comments, please feel free to do so. While he is particularly interested in the parking issue, there is no need to limit your comments. It may also be useful to indicate to him whether you live in the immediate area of the proposed development.


I’m Jeff Leiper – your new city councillor.

As many residents in the Clare and Hilson area are aware, a developer has made a proposal to replace two single houses at the corner with seven new townhomes and two additional new units in a semi-detached home. There have been several meetings about this project, and many residents have e-mailed me with support or opposition. I’m writing to ensure I’ve heard from everyone on this.

If you haven’t seen it, the full proposal is available on the City’s web site. I’ve posted links to it and the developers Planning Rationale document at

As you’ll see, the current zoning doesn’t permit townhomes, so the developer is seeking a re-zoning.

Re-zonings are never to be taken lightly, especially in the absence of a longer-term plan for a community. We don’t have that for this neighbourhood, and I’m inclined to oppose a significant change without understanding the bigger picture. That was, after all, my campaign promise.

If the developer is denied permission for this development, they may still build three semi-detached buildings – six units – without seeking a re-zoning. Residents I’ve heard from so far have been clear that this is the route they’d prefer.

But I do need to hear from you about one important consideration: parking. As you know, Hilson is already challenged to handle parking demands, and residents are reluctant to add to that problem. The developer’s position is that his proposal would add one additional street parking space to the 8 currently available; he argues that permitted zoning on the other hand would require the elimination of five existing street spaces due to curb cuts. Please look at the planning document for details.

As I said, I am inclined to oppose this proposal. But before I make up my mind, I’d like to hear from you specifically on the parking consideration: is street parking important enough to you to sway your feelings on this development? Please tell me: do you support or oppose the proposal?

If you have any questions at all, please call me at 613.560.2485, or write to me at

Thanks for your time,

Jeff Leiper


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