Posted by: HamptonIona | January 16, 2015

Kitchissippi Forum this Saturday

From our new city councillor:


Announcing: the Kitchissippi Forum!

Please join us for the first of Councillor Leiper’s quarterly community forums for all Kitchissippi residents.

  • When: January 17, 2014: 1pm-4pm
  • Where: Hintonburg Community Centre, Wellington Room
  • For: All Kitchissippi residents!

In the spirit of greater communication and collaboration within the ward, Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper is inviting community organizations and residents to join him and his ward office team for a Kitchissippi Forumthe first of many to come. 

As promised in his 2014 campaign, Jeff is committed to hosting a series of these quarterly catch-up, networking, and consultation meetings. Future Forums will be held in a variety of locations across the ward, and event details may change, but the goal will be the same: to give you a regular chance to meet with your Councillor and to ask questions in an public forum. The forums will also help community leaders and volunteers across Kitchissippi to work together more effectively to identify issues, solve problems, and share ideas.

We’ve asked representatives from each of the community associations of Kitchissippit to provide brief updates on issues and projects of interest to the ward. Councillor Leiper will also be providing his own update and there will be an open question period. 

First Hour: Community Association Updates

Representatives from each local community association will share their concerns and priorities.  

Second Hour:
Open Forum

Open microphone for residents to ask questions, raise concerns, or share ideas.

Third Hour:
Networking Time

Informal discussions. Opportunity to network with neighbours and the Councillor over coffee.  

It is our hope that these quarterly Kitchissippi Forums will help us bring the ward even closer together, one conversation at a time.

Please join us! There is no need to RSVP. If you have any questions, please contact us at Jeff’s office.

Jeff Leiper, Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward

110 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1



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