Posted by: HamptonIona | January 27, 2015

266-270 Byron Avenue

The Hampton Iona Community Group has received a Committee of Adjustment notice for February 4, 2015, 1:00 pm for a proposed development at 266-270 Byron Avenue.  This property is between Kensington Avenue and Hilson Avenue and currently consists of three townhouses.  The applicant, Peloso Construction Company, is proposing to tear town these townhouses and replace them with two, 3-storey triplexes.  The existing lot would be subdivided and a triplex would be built on each newly created parcel.  The existing zoning is R3S which allows the triplexes to be built and as such, no rezoning is required.  The neighbouring buildings to the west of the site are occupied by 3 above-grade two-storey apartments and to the west is the backyard of a house on Kensington Avenue.

The developer is asking for the following approvals of the Committee of Adjustment.

1)      To subdivide the property into two with each part having a frontage of 12.18 m and a depth of 32.13 m.  Access will be provided to the back of building for parking.

266 Byron Avenue

1)      To allow for a front yard set back of 6.1 m.  Typically the front yard setback should be either 6 m or the average setback of the abutting buildings which in this case is 7.04 m.

270 Byron Avenue

1)      To allow for a front yard setback of 6.25 m whereas the bylaw allows for a maximum front yard setback of 6 m.

While each building would have three units, only 2 parking spots are being proposed for each building.  No variances are required for this.

The full application to the Committee of Adjustment is attached.

If you wish to make any comments, they need to be submitted to the Committee of Adjustment at 101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, Ont. K2G 5K7 or at  The committee can be reached at 613 580-2436, ext 23255 (Emily Monette) or ext. 13459 (Paul Conner).

Please feel free to let your community association know your views on this proposed development.


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