Posted by: HamptonIona | August 11, 2015

434 Hilson Ave

We have received an application to the Committee of Adjustment (CoA) for the redevelopment of 434 Hilson Avenue by Ruth and David McEwan. (Application No. D08-01-15/B-00246 to D08-01-15/B-00249)  This application is being heard at the CoA on August 19 at 1:00 pm at 101 Centrepointe Drive.

This property is at the southwest corner of Hilson Avenue and Byron Avenue.  The property is currently a single family house and the zoning allows for detached or semi-detached houses.  The applicant is proposing to sever the lot into four parcels and build two sets of semi-detached houses (four houses in all).  All the houses, including driveways, will face onto Byron Avenue.  A number of significant variances are being requested in order to accommodate this proposed development.  Each of the units will have a single garage and one parking pad in front capable of accommodating only one subcompact car.  The detailed application, including the requested variances can be found at:

A summary of the requested variances are outlined in the table below (all measurements are in metres):

    Requested Variance
Type of Variance By-law Requirement  292 Byron (corner property) 294 Byron 296 Byron 298 Byron
Lot size 225 m2 211.3 m2 142.5 m2 142.0 m2 141.9 m2
Lot width 7.5 m None required 6.82 m 6.82 m 6.8 m
Building Height 8.0 m 9.68 m 9.68 m 9.68 m 9.68 m
Backyard depth 5.18 m 5.0 m 4.39 m 5.0 m 4.39 m
Backyard Area 52.82 m2 for 292 Byron and 35.47 m2 for 294, 296 and 298 Byron 50.05 m 29.93 m 34.05 m 30.15 m
Front yard Setback 6.73 m 4.15 m 4.15 m 4.01 m 4.01 m

If you have any questions on this development, you can contact the Hampton Iona Community Group or the Committee of Adjustment.  For the CoA, please contact Emily Monette at 613 580-2424, ext. 23255 or Paul Conner at ext. 13459.  Written comments can be submitted to or to Committee of Adjustment, 101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, Ontario.  K2G 5K7.  Anyone who wishes to appear at the Committee should arrive at 101 Centrepointe by 1:00pm to register.


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