Posted by: HamptonIona | March 8, 2016

Byron Traffic Calming

The City of Ottawa is looking at implementing a number of traffic calming measures along Byron Avenue from Island Park Drive to Sherbourne Road, including improved cycling infrastructure.  The city has recently established a small public advisory committee (PAC) composed of a few residents along Byron, Ecology Ottawa and Citizens for Safe Cycling which met on March 3rd for the first time. We were advised that the budget for this project was approximately $300,000 and that given the limited budget, the measures taken would be modest in nature. The City will be shortly polling people in the area to determine their thoughts with respect to various traffic calming measures. The City provided members of the PAC with a handout. One of the new concepts being floated by the City is Advisory Bike Lanes. These are marked bike lanes but unlike normal bike lanes, cars can go in these lines briefly if required to avoid oncoming traffic. These advisory bike lanes are used in situations where road widths may not be wide enough to support two lanes of traffic, car parking and dedicated bike lanes. While they have been used in various locations throughout the world, they have never been used in Ottawa. The PAC pointed out a few problem intersections. These were Churchill and Byron, particularly the way that the bike/walking lane merges with the car lane at the south-west corner of the intersection. As well the intersection at Byron and Island Park was pointed out as being particularly unsafe due to the high volume of north-south traffic on Island Park.



  1. I think that I am opposed to advisory bike lanes. I propose instead making all of Byron available to cyclists, and permitting automobiles to use the street if they need to “avoid oncoming traffic”.

    The traffic speeds at Byron and Churchill, particularly eastbound are regularly in excess of the unposted 50km/h limit, and the pathetic snow clearing makes the sidewalk regularly unavailable. Enforcement would be nice, but since that won’t happen… what can the city do for $300K? anything the city does costs three times what it should.

    The southside sidewalk on Byron west of Churchill received regular neglect.

    In addition, we have regular detours of Richmond onto Byron; we should be ready for that as well.

    I would propose instead to make Tweedsmuir or Athlone a 4-way stop.

  2. I would propose a four way stop at Redwood and Byron. It is a very dangerous intersection with difficult sight lines for drivers – particularly those pulling onto Byron from Redwood coming from Richmond Rd. I have seen many ‘almost’ accidents. Also, there are lots of elderly in the area, traffic from the church as well as a preschool not far across the road on Cleary. Also eventually this will be a busy intersection for those heading to the new LRT station on Cleary Ave.

  3. Also to add – there is a very long stretch with no stop signs heading toward Sherbourne on Byron which adds to the danger of the Redwood and Byron intersection because cars are going at a fair speed. With cars parked all along the side line and the weird line up of the intersection, it is difficult for drivers to pulling out onto Byron to see traffic coming and difficult for drivers to see cars pulling out on to Byron.

  4. I think either speed bumps or 4 way stop at tweedsmuir or at athlone is absolutely necessary. I live at Byron and tweedsmuir and the speeds people drive are appalling.

    Im a cyclist myself but I’m not sure how bike lanes are going to do anything to address the speed issue.

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