Posted by: HamptonIona | March 8, 2016

Committee of Adjustment – Hilson and Clare

The Committee of Adjustment will be hearing a request for 148 Clare Street and 566 Hilson Avenue on March 16 at 1:00 at Ben Franklin Place at 101 Centrepointe Drive. The applicant (Mafalda L’Orello) wishes to consolidate two properties and then subdivide the property into 6 separate parcels of land and build 6 semi-detached dwellings.  This property was previously rezoned to allow for six 13 foot-wide townhouses and 2 semi-detached dwellings.  While the applicant received approval for this prior rezoning, they were unable to sell the townhouses at the price being sought. The same applicant (through a related party) is now seeking to build within the previously existing zoning (which allowed for semi-detached dwellings) but requires several minor variances to the proposed properties on Clare. The properties on Hilson do not require minor variances. If you have any comments or questions on this proposal, please submit them to Paul Conner (613 580-2424, ext. 13459) or Emily Monette (ext 23255).   You can submit your comments to  If you submit any comments, we encourage you to provide a copy to the Hampton Iona Community Group.

The following variances are being requested for the four proposed properties on Clare:

Item 148 Clare 146 Clare 142 Clare 140 Clare
Lot Size
Requested 160.3 m2 159.8 m2 159.8 m2 Not applicable
Required 180 m2 180 m2 180 m2
% Deviation 11% 11% 11%
Front Yard Setback
Requested 5.5 m 5.5 m 5.5 m 5.5 m
Required 6 m 6 m 6 m 6 m
% Deviation 8% 8% 8% 8%
Rear Yard Setback
Requested 4.2 m 4.2 m 4.2 m 4.2 m
Required 9.3 m 9.3 m 9.3 m 9.3 m
% Deviation 55% 55% 55% 55%


  1. I would like that whenever there is a variance in setback for any given property that all properties on that street would receive the same variance (at the requestor’s cost). That way, someone who wants to put on front porch, etc. can do so.

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