Posted by: HamptonIona | March 8, 2016

Iona Park Rink Season

We would like to advise the community that the rink is now closed for the season. While everyone is welcome to continue skating as long as conditions allow, we will no longer be maintaining the rink nor will we have any supervision and the change trailer will no longer be opened. We would like to once again thank the community for their use of the rink. We are required to provide the City with attendance sheets so the more people that use the rink, the better it will look to the City.

This has been a challenging year weather wise and for the first time in memory, we had a water pipe burst at the rink. Thanks to the City of Ottawa for quickly responding to that situation. While the rink did not open until the second week of January due to the weather, Iona Park Rink typically opens around this time given the availability of our volunteers who build the rink. As such, while much of the City struggled to open their rinks this year, our volunteer model for rink construction served us well and we were one of the early rinks to open this year. Thanks to Amos Hayes for co-ordinating the volunteers this year. If you would like to volunteer for next year, please send us your name and contact details. The more people we have, the quicker we can get the rink built and the earlier we can open. I would like to thank our four attendants who provided supervision, kept the snow off of the rink (including at times when our snow blower was not working) and maintained the rink once it was open. As we said in an earlier note to the community, HICG is pleased that our model for operating the rink allows us to employ local youth. Our four attendants were Cayle Beneteau, Luke Burrowes, Gabriel Kohlruss and Michael Nivens. Lastly, I would like to note that we had a great winter carnival this year thanks to our organizers Jen Stelzer and Marg Hillier. While it rained the day before the carnival, the Sunday of the carnival saw sun and temperatures just below freezing. While the ice was not optimal it was still eminently skatable. We had a great turnout, no doubt due to the popularity of our carnival and the great weather. If you would like to help organize the carnival next year, please let us know.


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