Posted by: HamptonIona | March 21, 2016

70 Richmond Road Proposal

The following is an email from the City of Ottawa regarding an application received by the city for 70 Richmond Road.  The city planner’s name is indicated below and the planning rationale document has been made available.


The applications are to permit a one-storey 65m2 addition and conversion of the existing building into a restaurant with a drive-through facility.

The existing building is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act and is currently vacant but was most recently used as an automobile service centre.

The purpose of the Zoning By-law amendment is primarily to add a drive-through facility as a permitted use, which also results in amendments for reducing the number of queuing lane spaces and setbacks, landscape width, and any other provisions that may be determined as part of the review. I have attached the applicant’s planning rationale for more details.

The Site Plan application is required as a result of the proposed drive-through facility. With the proposed 65m2 addition and conversion of the building into a restaurant, the total proposed gross floor area is approximately 170m2. Additional site changes also include new landscaping and an outdoor patio for the restaurant patrons.

The site is located on the southwest corner of Richmond Road and Island Park Drive intersection. A location map is attached for reference.

The target date for Planning Committee for the zoning amendment application is June 14, 2016.

A technical circulation package will be sent to your office, and the applications will also be available for review on once circulated. These applications are subject to public consultation.

This e-mail has also been sent to all Registered Community Organizations, Registered Public Bodies and Agencies, and Registered Heritage Groups in the area for awareness of the application. They have been Bcc’d in order to maintain e-mail address privacy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions related to these applications.




Andrew McCreight  MCIP RPP


Development Review


Examen des projets d’amenageement

110 Laurier Ave West | 4th Floor | Ottawa, ON | K1P 1J1

City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa

613.580.2424 ext./poste 22568  /


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