Posted by: HamptonIona | July 28, 2016

594 Tweedsmuir & 253 Avondale

The following application will be going to the Committee of Adjustment on August 3 at 1:00 pm at 101 Centrepointe Drive.

File No.  D08-01-16/B-00205 & D08-16/B-00206

There is a proposed development of 2 semi-detached units at 594 Tweedsmuir Avenue (corner of Tweedsmuir Avenue and Avondale Avenue). This proposed development requires the severing of the existing property at the corner of Tweedsmuir and Avondate Avenue.  One house will face onto Avondale and one house will face onto Tweedsmuir.   Several minor variances will be required in addition to approval to sever the property. The proposed house on Tweedsmuir will meet the minimum required lot size of 180 m2 while the proposed house on Avondale will have a significantly smaller lot size than that allowed under the bylaw. The required variances are:

Property/Variance                        Request               Bylaw Requirement       % of Requirement

253 Avondale

Lot area                                                138 m2                             180 m2                             77%

Front Yard Setback                          2.48 m                               3.2 m                               77.5%

Reduced Rear Yard Setback          2.58 m                                4.0 m                              64.5%


594 Tweedsmuir Avenue

Front Yard Setback                          3.51 m                                 6.52 m                            53.8%

Corner side yard setback              2.48 m                                 3.20 m                            77.5%


If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Emily Monette ( ; tel: 613 580-2424, ext. 23255) or Paul Conner (; ext. 13459) or you can contact the Committee of Adjustment at

If you wish to make your views known on this development to your community association, please feel free to send us your comments so we will know the community’s view of this proposal.


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