Posted by: HamptonIona | December 29, 2016

Iona Park rink building

The Hampton Iona Community Group is currently in the process of building the community skating rink in Iona Park.  It has been our practice for many years to use community volunteers to help build the rink.  Once the rink has been built, we have staff who supervise skating and maintain the rink.

In order to get the rink up and running, it takes approximately 15-18 floodings depending on the weather.  The more volunteers we have the quicker this can be done.  We have lost many of our volunteers from previously years and are seeking more people to help out getting the rink up and running.  Many of us in the community either use the rink or our children do.

A typical flooding takes about 1 hour to do.  While some people are willing to do a flooding on their own, many of us prefer to do it with a partner as it is easier to operate the hose with two people.

Whether you want to help build a skating rink or have always wondered what it was like to operate a fireman’s hose, this is an easy volunteer opportunity.

If you are available over the next couple of weeks to help out (the fewer volunteers we have, the longer it will take to build the rink), it would be appreciated if you could please email Lorne Cutler at or phone at 613 725-9147.    No experience is necessary.


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