Posted by: HamptonIona | February 10, 2021

Request for Assistance from Westboro Residents Group

The Hampton Iona Community Group received the attached note from the Westboro Residents Group, an informal network of neighbours, who are fighting a City bylaw amendment that will allow Domicile Developments to build a massively overscaled mixed use condo/retail building on Roosevelt Avenue, a residential street containing singles and semis.  The Westboro Residents Group appealed the City’s decision before the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal, and they expect to get a decision this Spring or Summer.  Unfortunately, the challenge cost more than twice their initial estimate largely due to delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a change in LPAT adjudicators resulting in the hearing having to be re-held.    The pandemic has hampered door to door fundraising. The group still needs to $18,000 to pay professional fees resulting from their appeal.

As previously announced, the Hampton Iona Community Group has provided financial support to this challenge.  We encourage any community member who is concerned about this type of development and wishes to support this LPAT challenge to contact the Westboro Residents Group.  Contact details can be found in the attached letter.

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