Posted by: HamptonIona | November 4, 2021

Updated Iona Park Shade Shelter Designs

Further to our previous notification regarding the proposed changes at Iona Park, representatives of the Community Association met with City officials and a member of Councillor Leiper’s office in late-October to discuss the proposed plans and to better understand why the City is proposing their recommended changes to Iona Park, particularly the replacement of the Gazebo by two umbrella tables. The meeting took place in Iona Park.   The City had received 36 responses either through their survey or by direct email.  The overwhelming majority of responses were strongly against the replacement of the Gazebo and the potential impact on our skating rink and basketball court.

City staff advised us of their concerns with respect to the structural integrity of the support columns of the gazebo and the quality of the cement base.  As well, the City had concerns with respect to the accessibility of the gazebo. Without engaging an independent engineering assessment of the gazebo it is unfortunately difficult for us to argue against the City’s experts.   The City, however, realized that the proposed placement of the replacement umbrella tables would interfere with the functioning of the park and has revised their plans as attached.  As well, the City planner expressed interest in meeting with the community (virtually) to discuss what other changes they would like to see occur in the park as well as answers questions with respect to the gazebo replacement.  Unfortunately, they want to issue their new design through Engage Ottawa before having the consultation.  It is our belief that it would be more productive to meet first with the community before posting the design on Engage Ottawa.  We have advised our Councillor’s office of our preference to have the public meeting first.  Other potential changes to the park could include: replacement of the some of the benches, removal of the chess/checkers table, improved bike racks, replacement of the “play house” in front of the trailer (but not until 2025). 

If you have comments that you would like us to relay to the City Planner or any questions, please send them in to

Revised plans:

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