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Notice of Annual Meeting (AM) for Hampton Iona Community Group (HICG)

Date: Tuesday March 29, 2022

Time: 7:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

All those who live within HICG Boundaries are eligible to attend and vote on HICG matters.

Hampton Iona is located in the Westboro area of Ottawa. The boundaries are: the south side of Richmond Road to the north side of Carling, between the east side of Tweedsmuir (odd numbers only) on the west to Leighton Terrace/Brennan Avenue (both sides) on the east.

The meeting will be held via Zoom video and Zoom telephone. Those interested in attending must register for the AM via Eventbrite here:

Zoom meeting information will be sent to those who are registered, along with information on voting procedures and documents for the AM.

If you have questions, please send them to


  1. Motion for the AM to be conducted virtually.
  2. Approval of minutes from the 2020 AGM (will be posted prior to the AM).
  3. Guest speaker – Jeff Leiper, Councillor for Kitchissippi Ward
  4. HICG Board Business
  1. President’s Report (Lorne Cutler)
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Joey Drouin)
  3. Motion to Approve up to $3000 for a new snowblower for Iona Park Rink
  4. Election of Executive Officers (list of candidates to be posted 9 days prior to the AM)
  5. Election of new board directors
  6. Other business

                                    Volunteer Opportunities

Over the past few years, a number of our volunteers have retired from the board. From social events and gardening in our public parks to planning all-candidates debates or responding to development issues, we are looking for new volunteers.

While we are seeking new board members, we also welcome individuals who wish to help in specific areas of interest or time-limited projects without being a board director.

Whether you are new to the community or are a long-time resident, your passion, ideas, willingness to work and perspectives are welcome. If you are interested in volunteering with HICG, regardless of the capacity, please attend our AM, put your name forward or email us at this time with your questions on what is required.

Election Information

Elections will be run for the Executive Officer positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. To run for an Executive Officer position, candidates must submit their names to the Elections Officer no later than March 19, 2022, at 6:00 pm ET.

Marg Hillier is the Elections Officer for the HICG 2022 election. Her email address is . Please put HICG AM in the subject line of your email when contacting her.

Should two or more candidates run for a position, there will be an election for that position at the AM. Each candidate will give a 2-minute live speech at the AM.  Acclaimed candidates do not need to give speeches.

The Elections Officer will operate the election. Her decisions are final.

Persons who wish to run for Executive Officer positions should contact the HICG President at to learn more regarding what is involved in undertaking those roles.

Elections are not required for Board Director positions. Persons interested in becoming Directors should submit their names prior to or at the AM.  Those persons should also contact the HICG President at  to learn more regarding what is involved in undertaking those roles (time commitments, fiduciary duties, workloads, type of projects, etc.).

Role Descriptions:

President – The President leads the Board and is responsible for overseeing and handling many of its fiduciary and procedural duties, including chairing meetings. The President will officially speak for the HIGC board and the Community Group and will be the primary voice when dealing with the media. The President will represent or ensure that HICG is represented on external organizations, such as but not limited to the Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa and K-9, the Kitchissippi grouping of ward community associations. The President will represent the community association with the City of Ottawa and ensure that HICG is able to meet the requirements to provide a skating rink to the community in Iona Park, including being able to obtain a clean police check for working with vulnerable sectors and managing rink resources prudently. The President will ensure that the Board is able to respond to the community as issues or questions arise, including development issues. The President will be the principal signing authority for the HICG on contracts and bank documents.

Vice-President – The Vice-president will assist the president and support them on their official duties as required (see role of President). The Vice-president will assume the leadership role of the organization when the president is unable to do so. The Vice-president will carry on any additional duties allocated to it by the Board.

Treasurer: Responsible for the general financial oversight of the organization. These tasks include: reconciling monthly bank statements, preparing, and co-signing cheques, supervising cash-flow, and preparation of annual financial statements

Secretary: Attends Board meetings, prepares and distributes the agenda for meetings, take notes at meetings and prepare minutes, distribute minutes to Board directors within 10 days of meeting, and maintain minutes, the Corporate Minute Book and other Board documents. Collaborates with the President in arranging meetings and agendas.


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