The Convent

This page collects some of the recent developments on the Soeurs de la Visitation Convent development by Ashcroft Homes.  While all important updates will be posted to the main page, this page serves as a centralized resource for updates, links, and information on the development.  Comments are also welcome, using the box at the bottom of this page.

The page is divided into four sections: HICG Website Posts, Upcoming Meetings, City of Ottawa and Ashcroft Homes Documents, and Press Coverage.


HICG is fundraising to support its efforts to negotiate/mediate with Ashcroft on the proposed Convent site redevelopment.  Details can be found here.  Please click the Donate button to the right to make a donation.

Upcoming Meetings

Nothing right now.

Hampton Iona Community Group

Click here to see all news items posted on that relate to the Convent redevelopment.

29 June

Hampton Iona Community Group: Settlement of 114 Richmond Road (Convent) OMB Case

7 March

Hampton Iona Community Group: A letter to Councillor Peter Hume, chair of the Planning Committee

18 February

Hampton Iona Community Group: A Response to Councillor Hobb’s Statement of 17February

29 December

Hampton Iona Community Group: Community Associations File Appeals with Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)

11 November

Hampton Iona Community Group: Letter to the Mayor and City Council regarding 16 November PEC Meeting

22 October

Hampton Iona Community Group: Letter to The Ottawa Citizen: Kitchissippi Debate Meant to Inform Citizens

23 June

Hampton Iona Community Group: Submission to the Planning and Economic Development Department of the City of Ottawa

City of Ottawa, Ashcroft Homes, and Community Documents

17 August

City of Ottawa: Site Plan for Development

10 March

Councillor Katherine Hobbs: Councillor Finds Kitchissippi Residents Oppose Levy

10 March

Westboro Community Association: What Happened to Due Process?

8 March

City of Ottawa: Summary of Public Consultation on Special Area Levy

4 March

City of Ottawa: Report to Council: Possible Community Land Acquisition

17 February

Councillor Katherine Hobbs: A Statement from Councillor Hobbs

9 November

City of Ottawa: Report by Tim Marc on Section 37 Proposal for the Convent Development

4 November

City of Ottawa: Presentation Slides by Tim Marc from 4 November Community Meeting

13 October

Councillor Christine Leadman: Leadman Responds to Bulldog Post on Westboro Convent

1 October

Councillor Christine Leadman: Statement on the Planning & Environment Committee Meeting

1 October

Councillor Christine Leadman: Letter to the Editor (Ottawa Citizen)

27 September

Federation of Citizens Associations: Letter to Planning & Environment Committee Chair Peter Hume

26 September

City of Ottawa: Staff report on the zoning proposal (PDF)

26 September

Community: Slides from Community Convent Meeting of 26 September

13 September

Councillor Christine Leadman: Petition Concerning the Convent Redevelopment

1 September

Councillor Christine Leadman: Presentation from 1 September Public Meeting

27 August

Councillor Christine Leadman: Response to revised plans on the Convent redevelopment

26 August

Ashcroft Homes: Revised Plans for Convent Site

28 July

Peer Review Panel: Comments and accompanying Sketch

7 June

Ashcroft Homes: Letter to the Editor of the Ottawa Citizen

1 June

City of Ottawa: Convent Peer Review Panel Terms of Reference

31 May

City of Ottawa: Peer Review Panel to Review Westboro Heritage Development

21 April

Ashcroft Homes: City of Ottawa Rezoning Application and Notice

14 April

Councillor Christine Leadman: Councillor Leadman Praises Council Convent Decision

01 April

Councillor Christine Leadman: Presentation and Handout from 31st March community meeting.  Heritage Ottawa’s David Jeanes also presented.

23 March

City of Ottawa: Minutes from the Planning & Environment Committee Meeting

16 March

City of Ottawa: Response to Ashcroft Homes’ Letter of 12 March

12 March

Ashcroft Homes: A Letter to the City of Ottawa

10 March

Ashcroft Homes: Preliminary Concept for 114 Richmond Road (20MB PDF of slides from March 10 meeting)

9 March

City of Ottawa: Convent Heritage Report

Councillor Christine Leadman: 114 Richmond Road Plans a Cause for Concern

7 March

NewsWest: A Letter From Four Local Community Groups

1 February 2010

Ashcroft Homes: Slides from the 1 February community meeting

August 2009

City of Ottawa: Basic Site Plans and Design Principles for Redevelopment of 114 Richmond Road


City of Ottawa: Richmond Road / Westboro Secondary Plan

City of Ottawa: Community Design Plan for Westboro Village: Land Use Strategy and Appropriate Building Scale

Press Coverage

24 Aug

YourOttawaRegion: Westboro Residents want Say in Convent Site Plan

29 June

CBC Ottawa: Developer, residents reach accord in convent debate

29 June

Ottawa Citizen: Ashcroft Makes Deal on Westboro Convent Project

10 March

CBC Ottawa: Westboro Gets Cash for Parkland in Convent Deal

10 March

Ottawa Citizen: City Won’t Seek to Buy Piece of Convent Property

5 March

Ottawa Citizen: Vote on Former Convent Land Scheduled for Thursday

3 March

Ottawa Citizen: A Historic Mistake

2 March

CBC Ottawa: Park Buyback Could Cost Westboro $11.5m

2 March

Ottawa Citizen: Convent Land Pricetag of $11.5 million Shocks Residents

26 February

Ottawa Citizen: Convent Plans Need Communication

22 February

Ottawa Citizen: Public to Have Their Say on Potential Purchase of Westboro Convent Land

17 February

Ottawa Citizen: Appraisal of Contested Convent Land in Westboro Now due March 1st

17 February

Ottawa Citizen: Parkland Cost to be Disclosed Today

14 February

Ottawa Citizen: Westboro Leaders Fume Over Park

9 February

Ottawa Citizen: Cost of Convent Park will Top $5 Million: Councillor

29 December

Ottawa Citizen: Community Groups Appeal Plans for Richmond Road Convent to OMB

29 December

CBC Ottawa: Westboro Groups Appeal Convent Development

9 December

Ottawa Citizen: Condos Sell Fast At Site of Former Convent

21 November

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Semi-Tough on the Convent

20 November

Ottawa Citizen: Proposal to Seek Compromise on Convent Land Approved

20 November

Ottawa Citizen: Nun Breaks Silence to Defend Removal of Murals from Convent

19 November

Ottawa Citizen: Convent Land Buy-Back Pitched

19 November

CBC Ottawa: City Council OKs Convent Development

18 November

Ottawa Citizen: Councillor to Propose Buying Convent Land

18 November

Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor: Developer Skips Merrily Off to the OMB

18 November

Randal Denley (Ottawa Citizen): Public Can’t Fight Inner City Growth

17 November

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Hobbs Shows “Poor Judgment”, Leadman Says

17 November

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Hobbs on Why She Is Not at Planning Committee

17 November

Ottawa Citizen: Convent Site Appeal Already at OMB

17 November

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Leadman Weight in on Convent, Hume, Hobbs

17 November

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Democracy and the Westboro Convent

16 November

CBC Ottawa: Convent Development Ire Extends Planning Meeting

16 November

Ottawa Citizen Editorial: Fix The Convent Mess

16 November

Ottawa Citizen: Public to Weigh in on Westboro Convent Development

15 November

Ottawa Citizen: Residents Prepare for Convent Site Fight

9 November

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): The Convent: Get Thinking Councillors

5 November

Ottawa Citizen: City Resurrecting Convent Compromise

5 November

CBC Ottawa: Cool Reaction To Convent Compromise Idea

19 October

Ottawa Citizen: Kitchissippi Voters Nun Too Pleased on Convent

17 October

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Westboro Convent Development Too Intense, Watson Says

17 October

Ottawa Citizen: Convent Seen As Lightning Rod

16 October

Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor: The People Say: Stick to the Plan for Westboro’s Convent Site

13 October

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): City Screws up Transit, Intensification at Westboro Convent

12 October

Ottawa Citizen: Ashcroft Offers Lease-Back on Convent Space

2 October

CBC Ottawa: Make Convent Community Centre: Ottawa Councillor

30 September

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Get Some Vision on Westboro Convent… Quick

30 September

Randall Denley (Ottawa Citizen): Convent Stunt Shows Planning Woes

29 September

Ottawa Citizen: Groundbreaking Motion Delays Convent Development

28 September

CBC Ottawa: Ottawa Convent Development Under Review

26 September

Ottawa Citizen: Opponents of Westboro Convent Site Development Plot Offensive Moves

22 September

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Losing Our Heritage

19 September

Randall Denley (Ottawa Citizen): Leadman’s Reading of City Plan Just Wrong

9 September

NewsWest: City to Consider Convent Redevelopment Plan (article by Lorne Cutler, President HICG)

2 September

Ottawa Citizen: Councillor Calls Convent Project “Insult”

22 August

Randall Denley (Ottawa Citizen): A Workable Plan for Les Soeurs Site

31 May

Ottawa Citizen: City Names Expert Panel to Advise on Westboro Convent

21 April

Ottawa Citizen: Condoworld

18 April

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Councillors to Try Convent Land Swap

16 April

David Jeanes (Heritge Ottawa) Ottawa Citizen Editorial: We Need a Say in Convent Development

15 April

Ottawa Citizen: Les Soeurs Site to be Designated Heritage

Ottawa Citizen: Losing the Links to our Past

14 April

CBC Ottawa: Former Convent Grounds Given Heritage Status

13 April

Ottawa Citizen: When Is A Heritage Site Not A Heritage Site?

12 April

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Hume, Chiarelli Take Up Convent Cause

06 April

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Hume Calls Westboro Convent Ottawa’s Planning “Waterloo”

04 April

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Leadman Says She Has 13 Votes On Convent Issue

01 April

Ottawa Citizen: Final Plan for Convent Site Filed

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): A Land Swap for the Westboro Convent?

25 March

Ottawa Citizen: Land Around Convent Real Issue

23 March

Ottawa Citizen: Planning Committee Recommends Designating Convent Land as Heritage Site

CBC Ottawa: Former Convent, Lands Closer to Heritage Status

Ottawa Citizen: Ashcroft Seeks to Stall Heritage Status

20 March

Ottawa Citizen: Heritage Status of Les Soeurs Property in Question

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Westboro Convent Vote Critical To Ottawa’s Heritage

17 March

Ken Gray (Ottawa Citizen): Losing the Village in Westboro

15 March

CBC Ottawa: Ottawa Convent Deserves Heritage Status

11 March

CTV TV Ottawa: Residents Speak Out on Westboro Development (video)

CBC Ottawa: Convent Plans Divide Westboro Residents

Ottawa Citizen: Architect Unveils Ashcroft Homes’ Proposal for Site of Former Convent

Ottawa Citizen: Gallery: Ashcroft Homes’ Proposal

Designing Ottawa: See Ashcroft’s Plans for the Westboro Convent Site

West Side Action: Our Lady of the Condos Development

10 March

Ottawa Citizen: ‘Love-In or Mushroom Cloud’: Plans for Westboro Convent to be Unveiled

9 March

Spacing Ottawa: Trees and Grass With That Playground? Swap You for It

13 February

Ottawa Citizen: Who Will Speak for the Convent?

10 February 2010

Ottawa Citizen: Photo Gallery: A Tour of Les Soeurs de la Visitation

August 2009

CBC Ottawa: 19th-Century Ottawa Convent For Sale


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