Posted by: HamptonIona | April 24, 2012

Les Soeurs de la Visitation Update

As many people in the neighbourhood will have observed, Ashcroft has started work on the Soeur de la Visitation  site.  The site plan approval that Ashcroft  currently has in place is only for the construction of the buildings along Richmond Road.  While some site clearance has occurred on the Byron side of the property, Ashcroft does not have site plan approval to begin construction on the south side of the property.

That being said, we have been told that by the City that Ashcroft will be seeking approval to access the south side of the property.   We have been advised by Doug James of the City’s Planning Department, that Ashcroft will not be seeking to build a road through the Byron Linear Park to Byron Avenue.    We have been advised, however, that Ashcroft will be seeking construction access through Shannon Street and will be applying to the City’s By-laws, Permits and Inspections Unit. The City contact looking after this property and access request is Peter Grunstra who  can be reached at 613-580-2424 ext. 30082 or if you have questions or concerns.


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