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Proposed Changes to Iona Park

In Councillor Leiper’s September 26th newsletter there was a small item regarding some park modifications to Iona Park.  It appears that the City is proposing to remove the long standing and recently repaired Gazebo with two small metal tables with metal umbrellas.  The project information and survey can be found at Iona Park | Engage Ottawa

With no prior consultation with the community, the City is only asking people’s opinions as to whether they want both new tables to be located where the basketball net is currently located (Option A) or one table by the basketball net and one table where the Gazebo is located (Option B).  The survey does have a second question asking if you have additional comments but you cannot submit the survey unless you have indicated either option A or B even if you have problems with both options and want neither.  If you wish to submit comments directly, you can send a direct email to the planner working on the proposal (Coran Graham –  If you wish to fill out the survey, it appears that you may have to have a City of Ottawa account in order to respond.

Both options would impact on the functionality of the basketball court.  As well, the community association has been building a small skating pad on the basketball court for over 10 years.  If any tables are located here, we would not be able to build that portion of the skating rink.  This small rink is designed for small children who are both learning to skate and to play hockey.  Due to the topography of the park and the need to be contiguous with the rest of the rink, this small pad could not likely be maintained or moved if this proposal goes ahead.  Not only has this been a welcome addition to the rink, but it is part of the Community Association’s contract with the City to provide two skating surfaces in Iona Park.

The Community Group approached the Park Planning Department to seek further clarification before posting any notification.  We were advised that these changes were being made to improve accessibility and because the Gazebo is in “poor shape”.  Although the roof structure was completely replaced only a few years ago we were not told by the City as to why they consider the Gazebo to be in poor shape.  As well, we were not told what the accessibility problems were.  If there are members of the community with experience in wood structures, it would be interesting to know their views on the matter.   The plans do not include a path from the Iona side of the park, which is an accessibility issue that is not being addressed in this proposal.

The City is aware of our concerns with this proposal and are aware that comments are likely to come in after the October 4 deadline.  We will be asking for an extension and a public meeting.  Even if the survey is not available after October 4, you can send your comments to Coran Graham at the City.  Please feel free to copy the community association on your comments at

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Ottawa Centre – All Candidates Debate

All Candidates Debate – Ottawa Centre – September 13th, 2021

Your local community associations will be hosting an All Candidates Debate on September 13th from 7 to 9 pm on Zoom Webinar.  As well, we are looking at recording the debate and posting it on YouTube afterwards.  We are pleased to say that we are expecting all 8 candidates running for MP in Ottawa Centre to participate in our debate. 

How to Attend the Debate

We are not taking registrations in advance as there will be no need to register to attend.   We have taken out a special platform for this debate that can support up to 1000 attendees.  This platform will also allow us to provide closed captioning.

While the webinar will begin at 7:00 pm, you may sign in earlier.  Attendees will not, however, be let into the debate until just prior to 7:00 pm.

To attend the debate, please link to Zoom Webinar at:

Passcode: 958826

You may wish to cut and paste this link and passcode into your online Calendar. 

How to submit a question to the Debate

Given the format of the debate, we are requesting that you submit your questions in advance.   Your questions will be provided to the moderator.  For security reasons attendees will not be able to directly ask their questions live as would usually happen at an in-person debate.

Please submit your questions to

Given the number of candidates expected to participate and in order to maximize the number of questions that the public can ask, questions can only be directed to two candidates.   This is similar to our previous live debate formats.  Please specify to which candidate or candidates (choice of 2 candidates) your question is directed.

Please keep questions concise and focused on Federal issues. Do not include a preamble.

Please submit your questions by Friday, September 10th. For technical reasons, questions submitted after that time are unlikely to be included.

Further Information

If you have questions about the debate, please send them to   We also recommend that you check the Hampton Iona website  periodically in case there are further updates.

If you were not able to attend the September 13th Federal All Candidates Debate for Ottawa Centre candidates, you can find the debate posted to Youtube at:

All Candidates Virtual Debate
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Clean Up the Park Campaign has been extended

Rather than specify a time for park clean up, please e-mail Eileen at for gloves and a garbage bag and she will arrange to meet you at Iona or Hampton Park.

The campaign runs until June 30th and is a good opportunity for high school students to earn community hours and a member of the Hampton Iona Community Group can sign your sheet.

Looking forward to your participation. All are welcome to help out! The bonus is a pair of blue plastic gloves and a nice warm feeling!!!

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June 12th -20th are OTTAWA GARDEN DAYS, let’s do something special.

Packets of Wildflower Seeds are available for the first twelve people that contact Eileen,

June is a beautiful month for gardens, so do ‘stop and smell the roses‘ as you walk around the neighborhood, visit City parks or give someone a small bouquet of flowers. Communities in Bloom continue to ask us to Plant Yellow, the colour of Hope. Enjoy the day.

Lot’s of volunteer help needed in Hampton Park and Iona Park.

Posted by: HamptonIona | April 15, 2021

Carlington Hampton News

The Friends of Hampton Park have shared that the first issue of Carlington Hampton News is now available!

Download your copy at:

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Urban Foraging 101 Webinar

“ZOOM” into a webinar on Earth Day at 7.30 p.m. on “Foraging 101”, hosted by Sharon Boddy. E-mail to register.

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Proposed Official Plan Submission from HICG

The City of Ottawa will be holding a question and answer session on the proposed new Official Plan the evening of March 24.  To register for this call, please go to New Official Plan Q&A /Séance de questions sur le nouveau Plan Tickets, Wed, 24 Mar 2021 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite.

Hampton Iona Community Group made a submission in respect of the proposed OP.  The letter has been posted to our website below. 

The FCA’s (Federation of Citizen’s Associations) letter is also included below.

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Upcoming Hampton and Iona Park Events

Look forward and mark your calendars for these upcoming events, supported by the HICG Board. These are events for the whole family. It’s all about celebrating our Parks.

Event #1. Urban Foraging 101

This will be a virtual event held on Earth Day, April 22nd. at 7.30 p.m. Presented by Sharon Boddy.

Event #2. Creating an Insect Friendly Pollinator Garden.

This will be hands on planting, with a Virtual back-up in case Covid limits our activities. 

It will take place on June 20th, in the Hydro One corridor, south of Byron to the Queensway.

Event #3. A Historic Walk down the Byron Linear Tramway Park.

To be held Sept. 12th or 19th, led by Dave Allston. This is a joint HICG and Wellington West event.

More details will follow.

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McKellar Park Virtual Meeting on Official Plan

Residents of Ottawa are becoming more focused on the proposed new Official Plan and its implications for their neighbourhoods.  On March 4th at 7:00 pm the McKeller Park Community Association will be hosting a Zoom meeting with Alex Cullen, the president of the Federation of Citizens’ Associations.  This presentation will provide a brief summary of the plan and the FCA’s position on the plan, including the current deadlines set by the City.

If you are interested in attending, please go to to register for this event.

If you have any comments regarding the proposed Official Plan or wish to get involved with Hampton Iona Community Group in reviewing the plan, we encourage you to contact us through the website or at

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Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS) Review Project Update

The City is reviewing its Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS.  As part of this review, the City is hosting an online survey (available until February 19), found at  As well, the City hosted four virtual workshops in late January. More than 120 residents participated and had the opportunity to share their issues, concerns and priorities related to winter maintenance.

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