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June Hampton Park News

Please see below to the June Hampton Park News from the Friends of Hampton Park.


Hampton Park News June 2020



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The Seeds and Soil Home Garden Project

The City of Ottawa and Just Food Ottawa are providing home seed kits for those living with low income or who lost work due to Covid-19. For more information and a link to the registration form, please see the attachment.


3000 Home Food Garden Kits Ottawa FINAL



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Hampton Iona Updates

The following are some updates affecting the Hampton Iona community.

1) Enclosed off-leash dog parks

The City has announced that enclosed off-leash dog areas in City parks have now reopened. Please remember that the gates at off-leash dog parks are high-touch surfaces that are not cleaned. Please wash your hands before entering and after exiting a dog park, and avoid touching your face.

While Hampton Park has an off-leash area just north of the Queensway, the rest of the park is not off-leash.  Dogs should be leashed while walking through the park at all times. The NCC has advised that they will be increasing their patrols of the park to check that the rules are being followed

As well, park benches and picnic tables can now be used but please remember that these are high-touch surfaces which the City is not keeping clean.

2) Break-Ins

It has been reported that there have been a number of break-ins throughout Kitchissippi Ward over the past several weeks, including a break-in on Kensington Avenue recently.  It appears that thieves are entering homes though unlocked back or patio doors while the owners are outside in the front of their homes. It might be best to always remember to lock your doors when you are outside of your house even while working on the lawn or relaxing on the patio if you are not in sight of the door. Closing garage doors while working outside may also be advisable if there is anything valuable in the garage or if they provide access into your house. As well, it may be advisable to use your alarm system even when leaving the house for short periods of time (such as to walk to your mail box). The following is a link to Ottawa Nextdoor where some neighbours have been talking about recent break-ins.


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Community Garden Request – COVID-19

While Hampton Iona does not currently have any food-related community gardens (we do have an ornamental community garden in Iona Park), these gardens have become an important source of food for many residents throughout the City.

On Monday night, the Ontario government identified food related community gardens as recreation activities for closure, as opposed to essential food services, where tens of thousands of people across Ontario grow food for their households.

Just Food Ottawa, which co-ordinates food community gardens in Ottawa advises that safety protocols are in the process of being developed to adhere to public safety requirements, which is how grocery stores, food banks and farmers’ markets have been dealt with – all places we get the food we need.

Just Food Ottawa requests that you write your local MPP to request that food-related community gardens be allowed to continue.  For further details, please see:



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Friends of Hampton Park Update

The Friends of Hampton Park have shared their March 2020 newsletter. You can read their update in the pdf below.


Link: Hampton Park March 2020 News



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Iona Park Skating!

Another beautiful skating day at the Iona Park skating rink:


From your Hampton Iona Community Group Volunteers!

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Hampton Park Walk

The Friends of Hampton Park are hosting a Spring Preview in Hampton Park on Saturday February 15th, at 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Please see more information on the attached flier!


Spring Preview February 2020 Walk



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Iona Park Rink

In recognition that there will be school closures on February 13, and a PD Day on February 14 with the schools closed, we are modifying the operating hours of the Iona Rink this week so that families and others that are looking for something to do can come out to skate or play a game of hockey during the day.  Instead of our supervised evening hours, the rink will be open with supervision both days from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  Of course, the rink will be available for skating both evenings but there will be no supervision and the trailer will be locked.

As the Iona Park Rink is operated by the Hampton Iona Community Group rather than a rink company we are able to be flexible with respect to our operating hours as required.  As well, while the City requires us to have the trailer open with supervision for only 20 hours/week this operating model allows us to maximize our open hours and with weather permitting, we are open over 35 hours/week.  We have also been able to provide jobs to many of our neighbourhood youth over the years.   This operating model has served our community well and has been viable because there have always been volunteers to help build and maintain the rink.

Lorne Cutler

Hampton Iona Community Group President and Rink Manager


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Transit in Ottawa

The following message was shared with us from Ecology Ottawa:

Each day seems to bring more bleak transit news. For all its promise, Ottawa’s new light rail system has been plagued with serious problems – from strange smells in stations, to flat wheels on trains, to technical glitches made worse by rain and snow. And these problems point to deeper issues – a lack of transparency, eroding public trust and risks for the future of our transit system.

Despite these challenges, it’s clear we must get transit right – to function as a city and to respond to the climate emergency. Join us on Thursday, February 13 at 7:00 p.m. for a public discussion on the theme, “What should Ottawa do for better transit?”

Click here toget your free ticket!

This public panel – co-organized with Ottawa Transit Riders, Free Transit Ottawa, and Healthy Transportation Coalition – will set out the path for great transit in our city. We’ll explore ideas like free transit, better access for pedestrians and cyclists, and a more inclusive transit system.

This event will also mark the launch the 2020 Ottawa Transit Challenge, organized by Ottawa Transit Riders. The mayor, councillors, staff and supporters are asked to commit to riding the bus, train, or Para Transpo for seven days, from February 17 to 23. The goal is to provide city decision-makers and the public with direct information on the state of our transit system. If you’d like to participate, sign up here!

See you at the panel!

Emilie, Erik, Liza, Velta, Robb and the entire Ecology Ottawa team

P.S. To find out more information about Ecology Ottawa’s transit audits completed in 2019, please follow these links:

P.P.S. To find out more information about the 2019 Transit Challenge click here.



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Winter in Iona Park!

Hampton Iona Events

Following a great summer and fall of activities in our local parks, the fun continues with skating throughout the winter at the Iona Park rink!  Around this time of year, we usually begin to look forward to the Winter Carnival, hosted by the Hampton Iona Community Group. We love to support and promote these great events but this winter we are stretched a bit thin and unfortunately we will have to put off this event this year. While there will be no winter carnival this year, if you come to skate on the weekend, you may find Timbits, cookies, hot chocolate and/or other treats available in the trailer, compliments of your Community Group.

Our Community Group is always on the lookout for new ideas and activities in the neighbourhood, as well as anyone interested in volunteering for one event or many! “Many hands make light work”, so we would love to hear from you if you can help, even for a couple hours.

If you have any ideas for your Community Group or wish to volunteer for other possible community events throughout the year, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the rink this winter!

Rink Status

Hampton Iona Community Group wishes to thank the rink volunteers and attendants for their hard work in getting the rink up and running, (as well as maintaining it through challenging weather conditions)! We are also pleased to note that after much back and forth with the City of Ottawa, the much awaited hockey nets have finally arrived!

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