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Hampton Park webinar

The Friends of Hampton Park has shared the following message:

If you missed our first Hampton Park webinar, no worries, view it here:

Sharon Boddy of Friends of Hampton Park presented an overview of the flora, fauna, and fungi to be found and some of the challenges that the forest faces. Ecologist Holly Bickerton, who is currently conducting a study of the park, also shared her first observations and ideas. 

Considering its heavy usage, Hampton Park still has a remarkably high level of diversity, compared to a 2003 study done by top Ottawa ecologist Dan Brunton, with four distinct plant communities and more than 140 native species.

“It’s a special place,” said Bickerton, “but it’s being loved to death.” She pointed to the severe erosion along the sand slopes by the culvert caused mainly by bike chutes, and the soil compaction in the southern woods closer to the playground, where unofficial trails have been made, main trails have been widened, and under story plants no longer grow. She also stressed the importance of the smaller plants in keeping trees healthy.

“The challenge with soil compaction is that it can take up to two human generations [50 years] to reverse the damage. We need organic matter to create air pockets but what is being created there is kind of like cement,” she said. “Looking at the next 20 years it has to be kept from further losses. We need to keep the big mature trees alive.”

Friends of Hampton Park is working on a number of stewardship projects to preserve the integrity of this forest. For more information, email:

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Notice of AGM for Hampton Iona Community Group

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Hampton Iona Community Group (HICG)

Date: Thursday October 1, 2020

Time: 7:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

All those who live within HICG Boundaries are eligible to attend and vote on HICG matters.

Hampton Iona is located in the Westboro area of Ottawa. The boundaries are: the south side of Richmond Road to the north side of Carling, between the east side of Tweedsmuir (odd numbers only) on the west to Leighton Terrace/Brennan Avenue (both sides) on the east.

The meeting will be held via Zoom video and Zoom telephone (long distance charges apply to telephone use) due to the Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings imposed by Ottawa Public Health. Those interested in attending must register for the AGM via Eventbrite here:

Zoom meeting information will be sent to those who are registered, along with information on voting procedures and documents for the AGM.

If you have questions, please send them to


  1. Motion for the AGM to be done virtually.
  2. Approval of minutes from the 2019 AGM (will be posted prior to the AGM).
  3. Guest speaker – Jeff Lieper, Councillor for Kitchissipi Ward
  4. HICG Board Business
    1. President’s Report (Lorne Cutler)
    2. Treasurer’s Report (Joey Drouin)
    3. Election of Executive Officers (list of candidates to be posted 10 days prior to the AGM)
    4. Election of new board directors
    5. Other business

                                                            Election Information

Elections will be run for the Executive Officer positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary.

To run for an Executive Officer position, candidates must submit their names to the Elections Officer no later than Monday, September 21, 2020 at 6:00 pm ET.

Marg Hillier is the Elections Officer for the HICG 2020 election. Her email address is . Please put HICG AGM in the subject line of your email when contacting her.

Should two or more candidates run for a position, there will be an election for that position at the AGM. Each candidate will give a 2-minute live speech at the AGM. Acclaimed candidates do not need to give speeches.

The Elections Officer will operate the election. Her decisions are final.

Persons who wish to run for Executive Officer positions should contact the HICG President at to learn more of what is involved in undertaking those roles.

Elections are not required for Board Director positions. Persons interested in becoming Directors should submit their names prior to or at the AGM.  Those persons should also contact the HICG President at  to learn more regarding what is involved in undertaking those roles (time commitments, fiduciary duties, workloads, type of projects, etc.).

Role Descriptions:

President – The President leads the Board and is responsible for overseeing and handling many of its fiduciary and procedural duties, including chairing meetings. The President will officially speak for the HIGC board and the Community Group and will be the primary voice when dealing with the media. The President will represent or ensure that HICG is represented on external organizations, such as but not limited to the Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa and K-9, the Kitchissippi grouping of ward community associations. The President will represent the community association with the City of Ottawa and ensure that HICG is able to meet the requirements to provide a skating rink to the community in Iona Park, including being able to obtain a clean police check for working with vulnerable sectors and managing rink resources prudently. The President will ensure that that the Board is able to respond to the community as issues or questions arise, including development issues. The President will be the principal signing authority for the HICG on contracts and bank

Vice-President – The Vice-president will assist the president and support them on their official duties as required (see role of President). The Vice-president will assume the leadership role of the organization when the president is unable to do so. The Vice-president will carry on any additional duties allocated to it by the Board.

Treasurer: Responsible for the general financial oversight of the organization. These tasks include: reconciling monthly bank statements, preparing cheques, and supervising cash-flow.

Secretary: Attends Board meetings, prepares and distributes the agenda for meetings, take notes at meetings and prepare minutes, distribute minutes to Board members within 10 days of meeting, and maintain minutes and other Board documents.

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Hampton Woods Webinar

The Friends of Hampton Park are hosting a free webinar: August 29, 2020, 10 am to 11 am

Whether you’re new to Kitchissippi or a lifelong resident, this free one-hour webinar has something for everyone. The webinar will feature some of the history of the park, and showcase the ecology and some of the many flora and fauna species of the Hampton Woods. Considering its location in a growing city, the Woods has a very high level of biodiversity and some of the city’s largest and oldest trees. The webinar will also look at current and future threats to the Woods, and how the community can get involved in preserving this important natural asset. Presented by the Friends of Hampton Park, in partnership with the Friends of Carlington Hill. To register, please send an email to:
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Wellington West BIA household survey

The Wellington West BIA wants to learn more about the residents of Hampton Iona and our shopping behaviours. At the end of the completed survey, you can enter to win up to $500 in prizes. The grand prize draw for a $250 gift card to any store you choose will be held on August 7; and, weekly prizes will be held every Friday from July 3-31 for a $50 gift card to any store you choose. Complete the survey at





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June Hampton Park News

Please see below to the June Hampton Park News from the Friends of Hampton Park.


Hampton Park News June 2020



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The Seeds and Soil Home Garden Project

The City of Ottawa and Just Food Ottawa are providing home seed kits for those living with low income or who lost work due to Covid-19. For more information and a link to the registration form, please see the attachment.


3000 Home Food Garden Kits Ottawa FINAL



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Hampton Iona Updates

The following are some updates affecting the Hampton Iona community.

1) Enclosed off-leash dog parks

The City has announced that enclosed off-leash dog areas in City parks have now reopened. Please remember that the gates at off-leash dog parks are high-touch surfaces that are not cleaned. Please wash your hands before entering and after exiting a dog park, and avoid touching your face.

While Hampton Park has an off-leash area just north of the Queensway, the rest of the park is not off-leash.  Dogs should be leashed while walking through the park at all times. The NCC has advised that they will be increasing their patrols of the park to check that the rules are being followed

As well, park benches and picnic tables can now be used but please remember that these are high-touch surfaces which the City is not keeping clean.

2) Break-Ins

It has been reported that there have been a number of break-ins throughout Kitchissippi Ward over the past several weeks, including a break-in on Kensington Avenue recently.  It appears that thieves are entering homes though unlocked back or patio doors while the owners are outside in the front of their homes. It might be best to always remember to lock your doors when you are outside of your house even while working on the lawn or relaxing on the patio if you are not in sight of the door. Closing garage doors while working outside may also be advisable if there is anything valuable in the garage or if they provide access into your house. As well, it may be advisable to use your alarm system even when leaving the house for short periods of time (such as to walk to your mail box). The following is a link to Ottawa Nextdoor where some neighbours have been talking about recent break-ins.


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Community Garden Request – COVID-19

While Hampton Iona does not currently have any food-related community gardens (we do have an ornamental community garden in Iona Park), these gardens have become an important source of food for many residents throughout the City.

On Monday night, the Ontario government identified food related community gardens as recreation activities for closure, as opposed to essential food services, where tens of thousands of people across Ontario grow food for their households.

Just Food Ottawa, which co-ordinates food community gardens in Ottawa advises that safety protocols are in the process of being developed to adhere to public safety requirements, which is how grocery stores, food banks and farmers’ markets have been dealt with – all places we get the food we need.

Just Food Ottawa requests that you write your local MPP to request that food-related community gardens be allowed to continue.  For further details, please see:



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Friends of Hampton Park Update

The Friends of Hampton Park have shared their March 2020 newsletter. You can read their update in the pdf below.


Link: Hampton Park March 2020 News



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Iona Park Skating!

Another beautiful skating day at the Iona Park skating rink:


From your Hampton Iona Community Group Volunteers!

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