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Request for Assistance from Westboro Residents Group

The Hampton Iona Community Group received the attached note from the Westboro Residents Group, an informal network of neighbours, who are fighting a City bylaw amendment that will allow Domicile Developments to build a massively overscaled mixed use condo/retail building on Roosevelt Avenue, a residential street containing singles and semis.  The Westboro Residents Group appealed the City’s decision before the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal, and they expect to get a decision this Spring or Summer.  Unfortunately, the challenge cost more than twice their initial estimate largely due to delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a change in LPAT adjudicators resulting in the hearing having to be re-held.    The pandemic has hampered door to door fundraising. The group still needs to $18,000 to pay professional fees resulting from their appeal.

As previously announced, the Hampton Iona Community Group has provided financial support to this challenge.  We encourage any community member who is concerned about this type of development and wishes to support this LPAT challenge to contact the Westboro Residents Group.  Contact details can be found in the attached letter.

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Iona Park Rink

Now that we have snow, it is time to start building the Iona Park skating rink. With COVID this year, the rinks are an important resource for our children and adults to get some outdoor exercise this winter without having to go far. Since this year we won’t have paid attendants and our trailer is closed due to COVID, it is more important than ever that we have enough volunteers to work throughout the skating season (January – February 28). If you would like to join a group of volunteers (we always need more) with the Hampton Iona Community Group to help build and maintain our community skating rink, please let us know at No experience is necessary. Now that there is snow, we can start building the rink!

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Hampton Park News

The Friends of Hampton Park have shared their December 2020 news; see the attached pdf below.

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Hampton Iona Community Group AGM Slides

The slides from our 2020 Annual General Meeting (held virtually due to Covid-19) can be found below. For more information, please contact

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70 Richmond Road – Planning Circulation

The City has circulated the formal planning application for 70 Richmond Road development, which can be found on DevApps here:

The Application summary is attached below.

Please note the deadline date for comments is December 28, 2020.

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70 Richmond Road (Champlain Oil) Development

The following message was shared with us from Jeff Leiper’s office:

Sorry to send this ahead of the weekend, but we’ve just wrapped up the details for this one. Trinity is ready to move forward with an application for the heritage gas station at 70 Richmond Rd. The application will be on circulation soon, and we have set up a community open house to discuss further. All the details are on our blog:

Please feel free to share and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Thank you!



Fiona Ann Mitchell

Councillor’s Assistant | Adjointe au conseiller
Office of Councillor Jeff Leiper, Kitchissippi Ward 15
City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa

110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

t: 613.580.2424 ex. 15823


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1976 Scott, 320 McRae Development

The following message was shared with us from the Jeff Leiper’s office:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that construction on the development at 1976 Scott St, 320 McRae is moving forward this winter. I understand they will be demolishing in December, with substantial construction beginning in February.

We are hosting a pre-construction meeting with the developer to go over the high-level construction details and timelines.

I also want to add that the consultation for the parklette will be forthcoming, over the next year or so while construction is underway. We will make lots of notice to the community regarding that as well.

Here are the Zoom details for the meeting:

Jeff Leiper Kitchissippi Ward is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 1976 Scott St, 320 McRae development project – pre-construction meeting

Time: Nov 26, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 833 1834 7810

Passcode: 692975

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you.



Fiona Ann Mitchell

Councillor’s Assistant | Adjointe au conseiller
Office of Councillor Jeff Leiper, Kitchissippi Ward 15
City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa

110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

t: 613.580.2424 ex. 15823


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Hampton Park News

September 2020 Hampton Park News has been shared with us from the Friends of Hampton Park. See the pdf below.

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2020 President’s Remarks

President’s Report – 2020

This has been a most challenging year for all community associations and for HICG.  With the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020 our activities were somewhat curtailed.  Events planned for Spring/Summer 2020, including our AGM had to be cancelled or postponed.   While HICG was not too active in this period, we did continue to monitor development issues as they arose, proceed with gardening activities and the board continued to meet by Zoom as required. 

The following are highlights for the year:

Rink Report

  1. The city last increased the rink grant to $4000 in 2016.  This also covers insurance by the City.   Having insurance provided by the City is extremely  valuable as general liability insurance rates for community associations have increased significantly over the past year.
    1. We were only required to have 20/hrs per week of rink supervision but we had 31.5 hrs/wk.  Given the weather this year, the rink did not start up until mid-January and shut down by the end of February.   We were only closed 4 days during the season due to weather.  Once open, we were able to maintain a high level of ice quality.
    1. Our 4 attendants were Henry Bartram-Forbes (returning), Gabriel Kohlruss (returning), Dylan Katmarian (new) and Brayden Warrell (new).
    1. Conan Hoyle, continued to lead the construction of the rink with a small group of volunteers.
    1. Unfortunately, the City decided that because we were an unboarded rink, we were not supposed to have hockey nets.  Thanks to the intervention of Councillor Leiper, the City ultimately confirmed that we were grandfathered for nets and we ultimately received them by late January.
    1. There was no winter carnival this year but we did provide snacks to the skaters on some weekends.
    1. Our snowblower is now over 15 years old and may have to be replaced at some point.  While there is little rust, it does stop frequently while being used.  
  2. Development
    1. Our ability to respond to development issues was limited by our human resources.  James Murray is working on the development file with me.  Both myself and James have been approved under the City’s confidential consultative process for pre-applications (and recently re-approved in August 2020).    We continue to receive little correspondence from the residents on neighbourhood applications except for the immediate neighbours of in-fill projects.
    1. Ashcroft – Ashcroft received approval to start Phase 2 of the project in 2019 but no work has commenced.   
    1. Island Park & Richmond Road (SW corner) – This project with Trinity Development has been quiet in the last year.
    1. Committee of Adjustment – There have been a number of applications that have gone forward to the CoA in the past year.  HICG made representation on a proposed new development at the corner of Kensington and Byron.  We agreed that the variances being sought were minor (mainly associated with reconfiguring the proposed house to face Kensington instead of Byron) but presented on behalf of preserving the mature maple tree along Kensington.  The Committee noted the importance of keeping the tree in its findings and the developer agreed to address this concern.   A in-fill development planned at the corner of Iona and Kirkwood was not challenged but HICG helped the neighbours and the developer to make sure a fruitful dialogue occurred.
    1. Roosevelt Hi-Rise Challenge – This project is in the Westboro CA area While HICG has not taken an active role in this LPAT challenge, we contributed $500 from our development account.
  3. Federal Election Debate
    1. HICG under Judith Shane spearheaded a group of 8 neighbouring community associations to hold an election debate at St. George’s Church for the 2019 Federal  Election.  Approximately 350 people attended (the room was overflowing) with another 350 watching a live streaming of the event.   The event was covered by CTV Ottawa and the Ottawa Citizen.  Donations provided by the public were at an all-time high resulting in a low cost for each sponsoring community group
    1. Serious consideration needs to be taken as to whether we have outgrown the current venue.  Unfortunately, local schools which would have the most space would result in a substantial increase in cost.  The event may also not be as conveniently located for HICG.  Judith will be reviewing these and other issues for future debates.
  • Park Events/Activities
    • Hampton Park – HICG has partnered with Friends of Hampton Park (FHP), led by Sharon Boddy to help maintain Hampton Park.  As an urban forest, Hampton Park has been under significant pressure due to inappropriate use of the forested area.  FHP has organized a number of real and virtual narrated walks through the Park as well as initiatives to replant native species and eliminate invasive non-native species.   In 2019/20, FHP has received grants from TD Bank and the City of Ottawa.
    • Iona Park – Under the guidance and actions of our Gardener-in Residence, Eileen Hunt, continued beautification of Iona Park occurred in 2019/20.  The tire planters and pots are now in their third season of use and were filled with a colourful assortment of annuals, while our perennial beds continue to flourish.   The HICG board allocated $250 for the Iona Park gardens.    
  • Departing Board Members
    • I would like to thank all of our board members for their contributions over the past year, but I would also like to give special thanks to Marg Hillier and Mira Svoboda for their many years of service to HICG and their contribution to our community.  Departing board members are:
      • Marg Hillier
      • Mira Svoboda
      • Lynn Curry

Lorne Cutler


Hampton Iona Community Group

September 27, 2020

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Hampton Park webinar

The Friends of Hampton Park has shared the following message:

If you missed our first Hampton Park webinar, no worries, view it here:

Sharon Boddy of Friends of Hampton Park presented an overview of the flora, fauna, and fungi to be found and some of the challenges that the forest faces. Ecologist Holly Bickerton, who is currently conducting a study of the park, also shared her first observations and ideas. 

Considering its heavy usage, Hampton Park still has a remarkably high level of diversity, compared to a 2003 study done by top Ottawa ecologist Dan Brunton, with four distinct plant communities and more than 140 native species.

“It’s a special place,” said Bickerton, “but it’s being loved to death.” She pointed to the severe erosion along the sand slopes by the culvert caused mainly by bike chutes, and the soil compaction in the southern woods closer to the playground, where unofficial trails have been made, main trails have been widened, and under story plants no longer grow. She also stressed the importance of the smaller plants in keeping trees healthy.

“The challenge with soil compaction is that it can take up to two human generations [50 years] to reverse the damage. We need organic matter to create air pockets but what is being created there is kind of like cement,” she said. “Looking at the next 20 years it has to be kept from further losses. We need to keep the big mature trees alive.”

Friends of Hampton Park is working on a number of stewardship projects to preserve the integrity of this forest. For more information, email:

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